How to Find the Right Type of Roof Shed For Your House – 2024 Guide

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Garden and storage sheds are becoming very popular in homes. You can think of installing sheds with flat or sloping roofs. In some homes, the entire shed will be a standalone structure, while in other cases, just a specific section of the house structure is used as a shed.

There are innumerable ways by which you can add creativity to your shed roofs, and make it more appealing and functional. In this article, we are going to talk about the various types to help you decide the right one.

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What is the importance of the shed roof style?

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Before you buy it, you must understand its significance for your home. Will you be using it for storage, garden, or for any other purpose? The main purpose of the roof is to protect the shed from rain, sunlight, and wind.

As per the opinion of real estate experts, when it is positioned strategically in the house can enhance the landscape as well as increase the property value by a substantial amount.

When it comes to the available options, you get various ways to customize the top of your shed. If you want to build attractive and functional ones, then there are three main types or styles of roofing that you must consider.

These are gable, skillion or pent, and the flat roofs. In all these types of sheds, you will need to compute its right slope to completely maximize its capability to roll off snow, and rain. Let us learn about each of these types, and their features, and pros and cons.

Gable roof Shed

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● If you are looking for a conventional type, then the gable roof one is ideal for your home.

● It has a trademarked design that resembles a pitched or triangular shape.

● These are the easiest sheds to build or install.

● They are made using a common rafter that includes cedar shakes, concrete tiles, steel, and asphalt shingles.

● They are resilient towards changes in weather and are quite convenient to maintain, and install.

● Due to their peaked-shape structure, homeowners get more ventilation.

● Space also looks larger in comparison to other types of roofing.

● The degree of slope for this roof shed style is categorized into low, medium, and high-pitch.

● It is a very versatile choice when compared to other styles, as it spells ease and sophistication.

● Can be a little expensive

Skillion roof Shed

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● Skillion is a widely used type on most sheds. It is also called a pent, mono-pitched, or half-pitched roof. It has got a single sloping appearance.

● It is convenient to install and requires half the materials used in building a gable roof. So, if you are looking for a cheaper one, then this could be the best option for you.

● Due to the high slope, Skillion serves best to fend off snow, and rainwater.

● You get the look of headroom or high ceiling room. It provides small spaces to enable natural light to come into the home.

● Skillion types are ideal for use in gardens, and backyards

● You can even modify it as a livable extension of the home.

● One of the top benefits of this type is that it provides a minimalistic appearance, which makes it a “do-it-yourself sheds”.

● Skillion topped sheds are easiest to install, as well as quickest to construct.

● They are eco-friendly. Its sloping plane also helps in the installation of solar panels. It can be used to provide electricity to the shed as well as the main house. Installation of Skillion helps in lowering the cost of electricity.

● Skillion types are available in an extensive range of sizes to choose from.

Flat Roof Shed

● A flat roof is a very low-pitched skillion. This slight pitch enables the snow, and water to slide off, and to restrict the water from flowing into the house.

● It is cheaper and has simplified construction. Due to these two features, it is ideal for residential and commercial properties.

● This type comes with a simple and unobtrusive design that makes it the cheapest to buy.

● Easy to install as well as maintain

● It offers an additional space to the user by setting the ceiling to any altitude. Users can even convert it into a green roof.

● Eliminates the need of buying shingles.

● Repair of these roofs is also simple

● Not suited for regions that experience high snowfall or rainfall

● Requires the use of heavy materials that include metal sheets, roll roofing, tar, gravel, PVC, and rubber membranes.

● Flat roofed sheds have a shorter life span.

● Despite waterproof materials, it can show small pinholes, and the accumulated water corrodes the material.

● It has a catchy design that absorbs heat. That makes it very hot for the people inside, especially at noon.

Which is the best roof for your shed: Skillion, Flat, or Gable?

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● Select the type based on budget, space available for installation, climatic conditions, and utility.

● Homeowners that have a big garden or yard should consider installing a gable topped shed. Its conventional pitched appearance looks spectacular.

● Homeowners that have limited space but want a garden shed in their vicinity should go for a skillion topped one. It is very easy to build and comes with a working water drainage system.

● Flat-topped sheds are best suited in areas that have very limited space and moderate weather. The location where you install it should provide plenty of shade to lessen the shortening of its life span, and get maximum enjoyment from its use.


Whether it is the highly functional skillion roofs or aesthetically-pleasing gable type, you will find umpteen options for sheds in the market. Based on your home requirement, and the features and pros and cons of different types of roof sheds, you can easily make the correct selection.