Types of Off-Road Hoverboard: Buy the Best One

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If you want to buy from you – sell not a product, but a lifestyle. Back in 1985, Robert Zemeckis “sold” the hoverboard to the whole world – a levitating skate. The hero of the film “Back to the Future” Marty McFly in 2015, he obtained a pink floating board, which became a participant in the key moments of the film and the main attribute of the character. After that, the dream of mankind about the personal flying vehicle has become an obsession.

But, alas, the first fans of the franchise had to grow without flying skateboards. In the 80s of the last century, there was still no technology capable of raising a board with a man above the surface of the earth.

The 21st century came, and the prototypes of hoverboards finally saw the light. The hype does not subside: the release of each of them becomes a sensation, and crowdfunding companies are always successful. Some models are already available for purchase (although it is too early to talk about mass production).

Based on some research and customer reviews gathered from different resources we have finalized the best off-road hoverboards that you can buy. Further, you can also check the review at the official website of 5productreviews.com.

Flyboard Air:

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Flyboard Air is the brainchild of French athlete and inventor Frankie Zapata. The device moves above the ground on jet engines and is stabilized using gyroscopes and propellers. On the pilot’s back is mounted a backpack with fuel; The control is carried out by tilting the body and using the remote control. This is the first commercially successful hoverboard, and its developer is the owner of the world hover flight distance record (over 2.25 km).

The downside of Flyboard Air remains a small flight resource (maximum 3 minutes) and the cumbersome design. Now the construction of the board is being finalized, and it will not go on sale soon.


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Arcaboard is a board-driven by fan lift. They are in the device 36, and they are powered by electric batteries. This hoverboard fits any surface, including the surface of the water.

Minuses: large dimensions and weight (“Arkboard” is more like a flying mattress than a skate), a short flight time (6 minutes) with a long charge. But now some want to buy and test this miracle of technology. In 2016, on the Arca website, it was possible to purchase hoverboards on pre-order for $ 14,900, and the price was reduced from $ 4,000 compared to 2015. Whether the new order will be opened and how much a hoverboard now costs is not reported by the developer.

Lexus Slide:

Img source: porhomme.com

In August 2015, Lexus unveiled the Hoverboard world with its logo. A team of top Lexus experts worked on physics and design, and one of the world’s best skaters, Ross McGuigan, tested the novelty. For the demonstration, a specialized park was built in Barcelona. Stylish smoke rising from the board – evaporation of liquid nitrogen, which is necessary for cooling the superconductor inside the hoverboard. The device moves along steel rails inside ramps and tracks using the principle of quantum levitation.

The disadvantages of this board are the complexity of management, a small resource (about 20 minutes without refueling with nitrogen) and binding to the steel track.

Lexus does not plan to sell copies of this hoverboard or modify it to start mass production. The main purpose of the release was to draw attention to the company’s main products.

Hendo Hover:

Img source: geekinsider.com

California startup Hendo is working on several projects based on magnetic fields. One of them is individual transport on a magnetic cushion.

The current Hendo Hover can only move over a metal surface, works on a single charge for about 7 minutes and makes a sharp sound. Developers are engaged in increasing the duration of its work and noise reduction. As for flights over water and grass, this is hardly realizable in the concept of Hendo Hover. But at the same time, the meter track (tracks with a metal coating) for the hoverboard is much cheaper than rails or the highway.