6 Types Of Cladding That Can Embrace Your Home – 2024 Guide

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Cladding is an action of putting construction material over the building’s surface, so they can provide better insulation, climate resistance, or just a better appearance of the house or building. If it’s done properly, you will enjoy both benefits of the cladding cover, climate properties, and good looking home.

Also, this action will increase the price of your house, if you decide to sell it in the future. As we know, houses with a nice aesthetic and structure can reach better prices on the market. Also, many people are more likely to spend more money if the house is completed and fully covered, so they won’t lose time doing that and paying a lot for the same service.

Cladding also is used to protect the structure of the building, because some materials are prone to rain and other weather conditions, which may cause damage even in the interior. Some people who have knowledge in this field know how to do that by themselves, but it’s always a better option to hire a professional that will finish the whole job in just a few days, with good materials that can protect the building.

These are the most common types of cladding that people often choose for their homes:

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  1. Stones

Stone cladding is one of the most popular types because it provides a nice looking exterior, appealing, natural, and often rustic and organic. After the house is built, a layer of stones is stuck to the surface, making your exterior warm and welcoming.

Stones are non-porous and when done properly, they will protect the building, so you don’t have to worry that the rain will get into the rooms. Also, when it’s too hot outside, the stones will provide great insulation, without having to turn on the air-conditioner. The best thing about this type of cladding is that it’s one of the cheapest options on this list.

  1. Wooden cladding

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Wooden surfaces are often known as Timber cladding, and it’s also a budget-friendly option for those who love the cabin-looking exterior. The wooden boards and pieces are good for areas where the weather conditions are stable, without extreme changes during the time. Also, the homeowners need to take all the protection measures for this type of cladding, so the wood can do its insulation and warming job.

Another good thing is that it’s more environmentally friendly compared to any other type of building covering. These houses look pretty attractive, so if you decide to sell your house, you will have no problem offering it on the market and attract a lot of potential buyers.

  1. Metal covers

People who are more into industrial and futuristic architecture are more likely to choose metal or stainless steel covering for their house. According to steelcolor.com, when stainless steel panels are installed over the building, they provide nice looking and a high level of protection for the construction.

Another great option of metal cladding is aluminum sheets that can come in many shapes and colors, that will make your home stylish and elegant. Metal systems are more durable, but also easy to replace if you want to upgrade the exterior of your home. They are more expensive than stones and woods, but it’s worth every cent.

  1. Bricks

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Bricks are often used when the homeowners want to give a special and traditional look to their home. They can come in many colors and sizes. Don’t mix them with the regular bricks that are usually used to build the structure. Decoration bricks can be traditional red, but you can also choose brown, black, or any color that comes to your mind, that is suitable for your personal preferences.

Bricks can give a uniquely rustic look to your house, and you will definitely fall in love with your new or old, but renovated home. This cladding is making the walls strong, and they have great insulation properties, without requiring a high level of maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Fiber cement

This is a very popular budget-friendly option because the builders mix an ordinary cement, cellular fiber, and sand, so they can cover the building. One of the negative sides is that you will need to renew it after 10-15 years, so the damages can be fixed. If you don’t renovate it as required, it may become prone to rain and heat, so keep in mind that you will have to perform a little fixture every 10-15 years. People who live near the lake or sea often choose it, because of the humidity, that may affect other types of cladding badly.

  1. Concrete cladding

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Concrete tiles can be used for the external covering of the building, and they offer an attractive aesthetic of your home. You can even choose the shape and pattern you want, making your house look beautiful and futuristic. Concrete is very strong and requires low maintenance over the years.

  1. Big glass windows

This is a very popular option between the corporate buildings, making them look luxurious and stylish. It’s more appealing compared to the other types of cladding, but sadly, it requires advanced systems of heating or cooling inside the building. It’s not the smartest option about the private homes.

What is the purpose of the cladding?

Building cladding is needed for almost every type of building. It may increase the price of the house or apartment in the real estate market. Many homeowners choose different types of coverage because of the aesthetic reasons primarily, but also for practical purposes, like insulation and rain and heat protection.

They require a low level of maintenance and repair every few years, depending on the type of material that was used for the cladding. Before you take this huge step, you must consult with the professionals that will do this job for you.

This article will help you understand better the different types that the building market is offering to you, so you can choose what is the best option for you. So, choose your cladding and enjoy your new and nice looking home every day of the year.