5 Types of Blog Posts to Attract New Visitors 2024

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Every blogger knows how tough it can be to come up with a new topic. This especially counts if your blog is focused on a certain niche. It is not the point to constantly repeat the content that you are sharing. The audience is expecting new pieces of information from you. Logically, if you are an influencer for a certain target audience, then your responsibility is even bigger.

However, there might be nothing new to cover in your industry. Does that mean that you need to stop sharing blog posts for a certain time?

Well, if you are planning to take a break for a day or two, that probably won’t be a problem. Still, if you are making those breaks actively, then the problem might arise. As we said, the audience has huge requirements. If you are not active, they will stop following you and start following your competitors.

Anyway, creativity is not the only thing that boosts the quality of the blog posts. You also need to find the right way to reach your audience. You can use different tools to do that such as SEO, social media, etc. The “technical” side of the blog posts might seem complex to you. However, it is crucial for the success of your blog. If you are not an expert in this field, we recommend you hire some SEO agencies like JoelHouse and ask for help.

Anyway, let’s see together which type of blog posts will attract new visitors.

1. How-to and Tutorial Posts

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Many bloggers claim that this type of blog post is the most powerful one for attracting new people. You do not need to look for statistics and additional pieces of information. Look at things more carefully.

Why exactly are people going to the Internet? Logically, they want to find out something new. Despite that, the popularity of informal education is rapidly growing. The Internet, or more precisely Google, is the tool they most commonly use. In most cases, the phrase that they type in the search box starts with “How to…” This means that your SEO can boost a lot if you use this type of blog post.

However, that is not the only reason. They came to your blog to improve their knowledge and skills. If you share valuable pieces of information, there won’t be a reason not to visit their website once again.

Finally, through this sort of posts, you are showing that you competent enough to talk about a certain topic. Because of that, the chances that someone hires you will grow.

2. “List” Blog Posts

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Well, you need to know that the human eye is quite ungrateful. The structure of your blog posts is quite important. Because of that, a huge number of bloggers use list types of blog posts to attract new people.

Here is the method that you should use.

The title should also be attractive. For example, you should write something like “Top X” or “Best X” in the beginning. That would get the attention of a reader. After he clicks on the link, the structure needs to ensure easy reading. Because of that, the content should be separated from subtitles. Yet, the best possible way to do that is to add a bullet or a number next to the subtitle. In that way, you will make an easy-to-read list.

3. Review Blog Posts

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As we said, people have different concerns. They want to find a solution to their problem. Let’s imagine that a person wants to buy a new mobile device. Logically, the supplier will have only nice words for a certain model. His goal is to send a certain product. However, people want to do an in-depth analysis and find some objective opinions. That gives you more opportunities when we talk about review posts.

First of all, you can analyze the specification of a certain product. After that, you can talk about the pros and cons of that product. If you proved that you have the credibility to talk about a certain subject, then people will follow your pieces of advice.

Yet, you should not limit the blog posts on only one product. Many people hesitate between several different products. Let’s use mobile devices once again. A person will research the market and find mobiles for the same prices and with similar characteristics. He would not know which mobile phone would bring them better results. That’s why you can write a review of both products and compare them. In that way, you will solve the problem that the reader has.

4. Controversial Blog Posts

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Okay, with this sort of blog posts you need to be careful. However, we guarantee that this type of blog post becomes viral in most cases.

Many bloggers like to share their personal opinion about the current subject. It is recommendable that you do that about some things that are popular in the current moment. If you disagree with the biggest part of society, then you should put that on your blog. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is going to agree with you. You have to prepare arguments before publishing this type of blog post. Despite that, you need to truly be an expert for a certain field to write something like this.

Do this only when you are sure that you know how to protect your side. If you convince people that your point of view is correct, they will immediately start to follow your work.

5. Interviews

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We understand that the blog is yours. However, it is always good to add the opinions of others. Because of that, interviews can be a great choice. Logically, you can’t do an interview with absolutely everyone. Find those people that are also experts for a certain niche. Be sure that they can share some valuable pieces of information for your readers. In that way, that person won’t ruin your credibility and reputation among your followers.


You are probably trying to understand which type of blog posts is the best one. However, there is no need to spend time on that. It is recommendable that you use all of them. In that way, your blog won’t be monotonous and you will attract different groups of people. All these types are suitable for a certain part of your target audience.