Trixie Mattel Net Worth 2024

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While we celebrate pride month in remembrance of the Stonewall riots in 1969, it’s important to shine a light on iconic members from the LGBTQ+ communities. The incredible and flamboyant Brian Micheal Firkus, better known as Trixie Mattel, just can’t be ignored. In an era where Drag Queens have an important place in drag culture, the infamous “Skinny Legend” pops up as an icon in the making.

Trixie is best known for her amazing appearance on “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars – Season Three.” Audiences and the judges loved her alike, and it’s telling us something.

While people see the glitz, glamour, and sparkle of Drag Queens, they often ignore the tough journey behind it. Belonging to a community that has faced blatant discrimination and oppression over several eras, it’s important to find the roots. To know about everything from her struggles to her net worth, hold on to this article till the end.

Who Is Trixie

Trixie Mattel is the drag name for Brian Firkus as a Drag Queen. He is also a gifted comedian, author, singer-songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, and TV personality. The 31-year-old Wisconsin native has been active since 2008 in the public eye and has gone from strength to strength.

While people love her drag name, the origins aren’t quite as cheerful. As a child, Brian had an abusive father who used to call him “Trixie” when he acted feminine. Brian took inspiration from his hard beginnings and made them into a positive ones.

Early Life And Family

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Trixie was born on August 23rd, 1989 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was difficult for Brian to express his true-self in a Native American family. Even after facing hardships, Brian continued his academics and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts course in music theater. Trixie was informed with cross-dressing in drag on a shoot at Oriental Theatre.

When the drag queen started her career, she went by “Cupcake” and later changed it to the now famous, “Trixie Mattel”.

Trixie Mattel Career Highlights and His Major Milestones

Trixie became a staple of the Milwaukee drag in no time with natural flair. While sticking to her roots, she also performed in Chicago in 2015, where she sang “Kim Chi” on RuPaul’s Drag Race-Season 7. As an individual, Trixie got knocked out early but won the “Conjoined Twins” challenge accompanying Pearl Liaison. Trixie was a part of the satirical comedy, “Ages Three and Up” that was streamed in 2017.

Also, she teamed up with Katya Zamolodchikova, who was a long-time friend, and created an internet comedy show, “UNHhhh”.

As a music composer, Trixie’s debut album was Two Birds that was released in 2017. In addition to that, in 2018 to 2019, Trixie’s studio record, One stone, reached the Billboard chart’s highest position. During the lockdowns caused by the pandemic, Trixie started her own YouTube channel which already has 1.3 million subscribers.

Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Trixie Mattel

It’s easy to think that Trixie Mattel is such an open personality, which means she doesn’t have many hidden secrets about her. Well, here are some facts that you might’ve never known or heard of.

  • In 2019, Mattel’s first released documentary based on her life story, ‘Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts’.
  • Trixie’s debut album was an instantaneous hit and reached the peak stage at the “Figure 16th on the Folk Albums Chart.”
  • One of her most recent studio records, Barbara, was in contention to win the Best Breakthrough Artist accolade.
  • Trixie’s fans are hyped because in May 2024, one of the super series revolving around the life of Trixie Mattel was announced.

Net Worth

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Trixie Mattel’s net worth is about $10 million as of June 2024. This massive fortune has been the result of her endeavors in the entertainment industry. With massive announcements in place, the figure is only going to get bigger and bigger.