Trek in India – Beginner Guide 2024

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Rolling grasslands, scenic trails, lush green valleys, and abundant wooden turfs makes India an excellent trekking hub to explore in 2024. Indian trekking spots offers some panoramic vistas like scenic backwaters, mountainous terrains, and pristine water bodies to explore on your go. Beginners can refer to these awesome places for before starting with their trekking adventure.


Beginners searching for some easy trekking routes should never miss on Uttarakhand as it promises one of the best trekking experience to instantly connect with Mother Nature. In fact, wanderers acknowledge Uttarakhand as nothing less than a travel chest. Well known as Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand is a pristine paradise for all the trekking beginners. What makes it more special to choose Uttarakhand trekking spots is the fact that they are less crowded.

Most Famous Beginners treks in Uttarakhand

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Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba or Serpent’s peak is no less than a wonderland for all the adventure thirsty souls. The entire trekking route is covered all over with vast meadows and thick forest covers. According to Liveladakh, being one of the less explored trekking routes of India, Nag Tibba Trek makes an excellent weekend respite for all the adventure lovers. The reverberating beauty, a contrasting landscape, and the magnificent backdrop will rejuvenate you for a fresh beginning of 2024. Gangotri Peak, Bandarpoonch Peak, Doon Valley, Kedarnath Peak, and Changabang Peaks are important viewpoints of your Nag Tibba Trek.

  • Trek distance – 15 km
  • Maximum altitude – 9910 feet
  • Start Point – Dehradun or Delhi
  • End Point – Dehradun or Delhi

Kedarkantha Trek

In a snowy delight of Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha Trek is a celestial like adventurous spot. Charming villages, snow paths, vast stretches of meadows, and the great Himalayan ranges all sums up the unsurpassable beauty of the Kedarkantha Trek. The lovely lakes, verdant mountain ranges, and tranquil peaks offer a dramatic landscape for all the amateur trekking enthusiasts.

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  • Trek distance – 20 km
  • Maximum altitude – 12,500 feet
  • Start Point – Dehradun/Sankri
  • End Point – Dehradun/Sankri

Some more treks in Uttarakhand you should try

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Maximum altitude – 12500 feet
Best time – Winter
Trekking distance – 23 km

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Maximum altitude – 12083 feet
Best time – Winter
Trekking distance – 18 km

Valley of Flowers trek

Maximum altitude – 14400 feet
Best time – July and August
Trekking distance – 17 km


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All those amateur trekkers eager for exploring the mighty Himalayan ranges, Himachal is the ideal call for your 2024 trekking hotspot. Trekking amidst the majestic mountain ranges brings out the adventure wildness hidden deep within you. The fresh airy breeze and the starry nights that you experience on your go here will make you wonder with their magical aura.

Mysticism hovering in and around the magnificent hills, aura created by the surrounding meadows, and the tranquil setting makes Himalayan folds appealing to all those who desire to instantly connect with the Mother Nature. For trekking or sightseeing, one can choose a package from local companies like Liveladakh, Heyhimalays, Thrillophilia, etc. One such
example of packages for Triund trek is available here, which is simple and cost-efficient as well.

Most Famous Beginners treks in Himachal

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek path is loaded with plenty of greenery and vast mountainous stretches. On your impressive Hampta Pass trekking expedition, your eyes will be delighted with the sights of flower-filled valleys and fresh meadows. The pristine surroundings of the Chandratal show the domination of white clouds and peaks. River Rani, Balu ka Ghera, Dhauladhar ranges, and Chandratal are some essential sightseeing adventures en route.

  • Trek distance – 47 km
  • Maximum altitude –14,400 feet
  • Start Point – Joshimath
  • End Point – Joshimath

Kheerganga Trek

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One of the jaw-dropping treks in Himachal is the Kheerganga Trek. Being located deep under the valley, the Kheerganga Trek offers you a perfect honeymoon plan for 2024. Apart from the mesmerizing natural beauty that the Kheerganga offers, the small hamlets surrounding it are also adorable. You can meet the locals here and delve yourself amidst the local culture of the Himachal. Before leaving this place, do not forget to snuggle on the local foods and sip in a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

  • Trek distance – 24 km
  • Maximum altitude – 9700 feet
  • Start Point – Barshaini
  • End Point – Barshaini

Other famous treks in Himachal

Prashar Lake Trek

Maximum altitude – 8960 meters
Best time – Jan-Feb
Trekking distance – 14 km

Triund Trek

Maximum altitude – 9350 feet
Best time – Winter
Trekking distance – 15 km

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Maximum altitude – 14000 feet
Best time – May to October
Trekking distance – 25 km

Kareri Lake Trek 

Maximum altitude – 9613 feet
Best time – March to July and September to December
Trekking distance – 26 km


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A lot of trekking enthusiasts reach Bangalore in search of adventurous trekking opportunities. The presence of several hills, forests, mountains, plains, and rocks embraces the overall elegance of the Bangalore to make it a memorable trekking experience.

Beginners treks in Bangalore

Nandi Hills 

Maximum altitude – 1478 meters
Best time – Winters
Trekking distance – 1.5 km


Maximum altitude – 1450 meters
Best time – Winters
Trekking distance – 6 to 7 km

Savandurga Hills

Maximum altitude – 1226 meters
Best time – Summers
Trekking distance – 5 to 6 km

Mallikadurga Hills

Maximum altitude – 4430 feet
Best time – Summers
Trekking distance – 7 to 8 km

Kumara Parvatha

Maximum altitude – 4000 feet
Best time – Winters
Trekking distance – 22 km


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Trekking in Ladakh is a dream for most of the trekking beginners. The presence of deserted roads, high passes, extreme landscapes, shimmering blue waters, and freezing winds of Ladakh creates a tranquil setting for all trekking enthusiasts.

Beginners Treks in Ladakh

Sham Valley

Maximum altitude – 18380 feet
Best time – Post monsoon
Trekking distance – 27 km

Markha Valley Trek

Maximum altitude – 18000 feet
Best time – Post monsoon
Trekking distance – 78 km

Spituk Stok Trek 

Maximum altitude – 16000 feet
Best time – Post monsoon
Trekking distance – 58 km

Nimaling Plateau 

Maximum altitude – 5050 meters
Best time – post-monsoon
Trekking distance – 78 km

Spituk Matho Trek

Maximum altitude – 12468 feet
Best time – Post monsoon
Trekking distance – 15 km