Traveling To Canada – All You Need To Know

Traveling To Canada

Are you planning a trip to the land of snow and maple syrup? If so, then there are a few things that you need to know before you even buy your plane ticket to Canada. This article will focus on the most important things that a foreign traveler needs to know for his trip to Canada. Stick around as this article might prove useful to you in the future.

Be Prepared to Travel Vast Distances

If you’re a person who likes to explore a country in its entirety, then be prepared to travel vast distances as Canada is huge. But more importantly, the distances from one city to another are the cause of this problem. This is especially the case in the northern parts of the country, where snow reigns supreme and it can take more than a few hours until you reach another town.

Traveling To Canada

If, however, you are on a limited time schedule, then consider only exploring one part of the country. The Rocky Mountains in Alberta or the West Coast of BC are the most interesting parts of the country.

Make Sure to Have your ETA Visa

Since 2016, all visa-free nationals except Americans are required to have an ETA Visa. ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization, and it is mandatory for certain nationals. You must have your ETA Visa before you even board your flight to Canada. The process is quite straightforward and will require only a few things such as your credit card, a lump sum of $7, your passport, and an email address. You will also need to answer a few questions and enter your personal information. Once you have your ETA granted, it will last for the next five years, or until your passport expires. If you want to know more about Canadian ETA Visas, make sure to head over to eVISA Express for more information.
Be Prepared to be Cold

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As you might assume, Canada is a pretty cold country so make you pack something that will keep you warm. Even if you’re traveling in the summer the mountains can be cold places at night, and there are frequent thunderstorms on the prairies.
In the winter, however, it can be a nightmare as the temperatures go below zero in some parts. Your only salvation would be mild coasts of BC where the weather is quite moderate due to the Pacific Ocean.

In some parts of the country, it’s not unusual for the temperatures to get -20 degrees Celsius or below. Those are some insane temperatures! Never hesitate to pack a woolen hat, also known as a toque, scarf, gloves, and anything else that might keep you warm.

Remember Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

Every town, no matter how big or small, in Canada, have a coffee, donut, sandwich shop chain called Tim Horton. Tim Horton was a legendary Canadian hockey player and the shop chain is named after him. You would be surprised at how Canadian this shop chain actually is. But none the less, Tim Hortons is your best friend when visiting Canada as they work 24/7, even on holidays, and they can supply you with hot coffee and fresh sandwiches no matter where you are. We would like to disclaim as they don’t deliver coffee or sandwiches, they are simply everywhere! So If you ever end up hungry, or looking for directions, the wonderful people at any Tim Hortons will be more than glad to serve you and help you out.