Travel Guidelines and Requirements Due To Covid-19 to Dubai

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Despite the opening of the lockdown in Dubai, there are very strict rules and regulations for maintaining social distances. In the meanwhile, people are fed up with being bound in their houses all the time. Not only kids and adults but also business persons want their routine back. That’s why many Dubai visa holders, commercialists, and visitors are planning their flights to Dubai.

If you are also planning to manage your business physically, you will have to follow some basic guidelines. Whether you are planning a business trip to Dubai or a vacation trip with your family, you are supposed to fulfill all the requirements. People are confused to some extent about how they will travel in Dubai in the prevailing coronavirus epidemic. But you should not worry about it. You will definitely enjoy a safe Dubai tour.

The United Arab Emirates is a country of great rules and regulations. Then how it is possible that you will remain unsafe in the highly developed city? Being the commercial hub and popular tourist attractions, the automobile companies offer car rental deals to their travelers. What else can be a safer transportation means than traveling in an isolated rental vehicle?

Here is a complete Dubai travel guideline demonstrating the requirements and safety measures of traveling to Dubai in covid-19.

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Is everyone eligible to travel to Dubai during covid-19?

In a way, Yes and no in the other way. You might be thinking why such a duplicitous answer. Well! The reason is the Dubai government will not allow you to enter Dubai if you have visited Nigeria or South Africa within 14 days from your landing in Dubai. Everyone can visit Dubai except those having a travel history of South Africa and Nigeria within the fortnight of Dubai flight.

Requirements for booking your Flight To Dubai

The very basic requirement for booking a Dubai trip is a visa. Obviously, you can’t step on the plane without having a visa. In the current situation, Dubai is allowing only those people having Dubai golden visas or any international visas. No need to get upset if you are a tourist and want to explore Dubai. You can surely visit it. We are just telling the topmost priority of Dubai to resume the progress of the stock market by welcoming shareholders back.

Requirements To be fulfilled Before Landing in Dubai

No matter from which region you are going to Dubai, you must have a negative test report of COVID-19. Some tourists of GCC countries often felt exempted from these laws but that is not the case. You will not be allowed to enter Dubai if you don’t have negative COVID-19 PCR test certification.

Furthermore, we suggest you bring the latest test certificate because the Dubai government will only accept the report of the test examined within 72 hours before your departure. The covid-19 test certification will only be accepted in Dubai if it has been done through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The other unreliable home kits and antibody testing kits results will be unacceptable in Dubai.

Travelers often commit a mistake that you should avoid while traveling. Never forget to bring the printed verified report of your PCR coronavirus test. You should bring the printed certificate either in English or in the Arabic language. The SMS and digital certification will be considered invalid. So, you must bring your printed report with you to Dubai. Besides this, come with an installed app of coronavirus in your smartphone.

Are UAE visa holders also required to take a COVID-19 PCR test?

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Well! If you are a Dubai resident having a UAE visa, you are exempted from this entry law. But you will be examined immediately after your landing at Dubai airport. Don’t even think that you are not going to be examined if you have citizenship. Besides this, children having age under 12 years and disabled passengers are not required to show the COVID-19 PCR test. They will also be examined at Dubai airport for safety measures.

Furthermore, you will not be allowed to go to your home if you have been examined at the airport. Yes! It’s mandatory and cannot be negotiated for the health of your family. You can stay in a Dubai hotel in isolation until you receive a negative test certification. You will be isolated under the rules and regulations of the Dubai Health Authority in case you examined positive for covid-19.

Which is the safest means of transportation in Dubai in COVID-19?

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Due to coronavirus, it is mandatory for everyone to avoid social gatherings, public meetings, and crowded areas. Then how it can be safe for you to travel in public transport like a bus. People tend to prefer taxis and uber. But we will not recommend you hire a taxi. Just think about what if an infected patient recently moved out from the taxi. You will be definitely at a higher risk of getting in touch with this contagious disease.

No worries you can still attend your business meeting by traveling to your destination. Do you wonder HOW? Well! You just need to visit the nearest auto rental company to get a car. Feel free to visit Dubai by hiring a luxury car from the RentalCarsUAE Company. Yes! Leasing or renting a vehicle for a long period is much better than hiring it twice or thrice in a week.

After leasing an automobile, you will not only be able to enjoy your Dubai trip without your exposure to the public but also it will be money-saving. People often perplexed about the safety of a rented motor before getting on in its driving seat. But all the cars rented and leased in Dubai are safe because they are sanitized and disinfected before handing it to another customer.

So, you can travel to Dubai by acting upon these guidelines. Enjoy your Dubai trip by exploring tourist attractions with social distance maintenance while commuting in a motor rented from Dubai Rent A Car company.