7 Reasons to Travel Around Portugal By Railway in 2024

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Known for its historic cities, beautiful culture, and mouth-watering dishes, Portugal is also renowned as the oldest country in Europe.

There is more to Portugal than its elegant cities – recall that this great country is the home of the veteran footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho, but hey, we are not here to talk about football.

A lot has been said about Portugal, one of the prides of Europe, but the highlight of it all would be its remarkable trains system and the convenience it offers – you can never get enough of it, every train ride is unique!

Reasons to Travel Around Portugal By Railway

From the incredibly comfortable and fast trains, the free Wi-Fi, and scenic view, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get on a train in Portugal on your next visit (and if you’ve tried it already, we are sure you want to do it again).

Here are reasons why you should travel around Portugal by railway:

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  1. Save Money

If you are on a budget and would like to see more of Portugal, then the trains are the best way to go. You get to save on transport fees because trains are cost-effective.

If you book your train tickets early enough or in advance, you are sure going to get incredibly low-ticket fares. Trains can also get you across long and relatively short distances without delay.

  1. Save Time

When time is of great essence, and you need to get from one end of the city or region to another, you should consider getting yourself on a train.

Portugal may not be the biggest city on earth, but navigating the city via bus or by car can be slow. Without traffic lights causing you to step on the brakes repeatedly, Portugal rail system has some of the fastest trains in the world – you can travel 315km/h and not worry about exceeding speed limits!

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  1. Get to The Heart of The City

With most train stations situated in the heart of major cities across Portugal, you can begin to explore the from where you landed and work your way to the inner cities or villages.

The countries transport system is thoughtfully designed to help you move around fast and catch up on your appointments and tours without hindrance. With other transport systems like buses and underground trains linked together, you are sure to have a smooth and joyful ride throughout your trip.

  1. Travel in Comfort

Apart from the fact that Portugal’s railways boast of modern and some of the most beautiful trains in the region, most trains offer high-speed internet and Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

The free Wi-Fi is complemented with power sockets to keep your phone and gadgets charged all through your commute.

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  1. Get a Feel of the Country

Traveling on a train helps you relax with fewer distractions. As you travel across Portugal’s astonishing cities, you get to see more of its beautiful landscape, historical buildings, mountains, and villages.

Rail travel is a great way to admire the heartwarming scenery from the comfort of your seat.

  1. Convenience and Ample Space

Unlike what we have in planes’ cabins and other public transport systems like buses, trains are less cramped. There is enough space for your luggage, and you can also stretch your legs by walking the carriage – while stretching your legs, you may stumble on the isle bar, and a glass of your favorite wine won’t be a bad idea.

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  1. Flexibility and Luggage

The trains in this part of the world are quite spacious and flexible with luggage. You can pack as many bags as you want and not pay additional fees. You are entitled to bring a suitcase or backpack and handbag or something portable. There are spaces of extra-large bags on the long-distance trains as well.

Also, if you are traveling a long distance, say outside Portugal, you can decide to go by night. Opting for the overnight train travel allows you to sleep through the journey and wake up at your destination – this way, you don’t feel stressed out, drained, or too tired to go about your travel plans.

Oh, and one last thing, if you are passionate about keeping the earth safe and healthy, traveling by train is much “greener” (with little or no Carbon emissions) compared to planes and other transport systems like cars and busses.

Before we conclude on the reasons why you should consider traveling through railway in Portugal, let’s quickly share some tips with you:

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  1. Children under the age of 5 years travel for free while those between 5 years and 12 years go for half the price of adults.
  2. If you are aged 65 and above, you can get up to 50 % discount off any services so long as you have a valid I.D.

For your train tickets and reservations, you can get relevant information from www.cp.pt. Thanks to Rail.Ninja you can conveniently make your online train reservations at a very affordable price.

Also, whenever you are taking a train in Portugal, take note of the following types and class of trains:

  1. Regional (R) trains are usually slow, and they stop at virtually every station.
  2. Interregional (I.R) trains are reasonably fast
  3. Intercidade (IC) Rapido represents express trains
  4. Alfa Pendular Deluxe travel at relatively faster than the Rapido trains and are usually priced on the high side because of the comfort and luxury they offer.

The Sud-Expresso and Talgo Lusitânia and other international trains, including the Faro-Porto Comboio, have restaurant carriage while the Intercidade and Alfa Pendular offer aisle services with bars.

And that’s it, seven reasons why you should travel around Portugal by railway. We hope you enjoy your train ride to the fullest and take advantage of the wonderful discounts and see more of Portugal.