Inspiring Ways To Transform a House With Wallpapers in 2023

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The oldest wallpapers that appeared in the 16th century were used to decorate the interiors of cabinets and small rooms in the merchants’ homes, rather than the large houses of the aristocracy, contrary to popular belief. But in the 20th century, it was used in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and was very popular in both the richest and the people’s homes. The wallpaper was trendy at that time, just like today.

It had a highly developing and growing effect worldwide. Until the oil crisis in 1973 led to a significant reduction in the size of the industry worldwide. After a long break, the wallpapers made a quick return in the interior design, effectively than before. Today, it is our walls that come to our minds in interior design and make the biggest change in our homes, work areas, or any other area.

I think one of the most wonderful things these days is that we can be the interior designer of our own space through our wide range of options and possibilities. Of course, it is possible to get support. But now we make the decisions more ourselves. And this allows us to design our own space, even if we get help from professionals. You have decided that you want to change the interior design of your living space and have made a fairly large list.

We can see that you have entered the need to step back after making the cost calculation. Why don’t we review the list and focus on what is actually the most important and lowering the cost? Walls… Walls are actually the most remarkable and quite large areas in a house. They may even be the area where you can reflect yourself best. If we think of each room as five walls rather than four walls, even if we include time on the floor, we have six walls that we can reflect on ourselves. So how? If you think I’m not sure exactly what I like and where to start. Let’s examine how we transform our living space with wallpaper.

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Since it can be quite tricky for you to choose the right wallpaper pattern, style, and decide which room to be for your interior design aesthetics if we review some of our favorite looks. From glamorous flowers to dark floral wallpapers or colorful geometric patterns, perhaps tropical artifacts, all these designs from Wallmur can inspire you with tips on how to transform your home.

Get ready to go out of your comfort zone and enter the paradise that you have created for yourself with the wallpaper that can get rid of the interior design that you have already bored in your space and give it an attractive and new look. Even breathing in the area where you create each part of yourself will be much more enjoyable.

As you know, nowadays, it is back with decoration wallpaper in interior design and revived like never before. Even interior decorators prioritize designs in the wallpaper, and other design elements are listed after the wallpaper, respectively. The wallpaper is used to create various looks in every area of ​​the house. So the wallpaper can make you say, “This is it” with enthusiasm and let you breathe easily. Wallpapers now add color, style, texture, vitality, character that can give this character whatever you need and have all this variety.

As you know, even in the 16th century, although they do not have enough variety, the colors, feelings, and textures of the most preferred wallpapers were completely renewed. I mean, it is now possible to find a suitable wallpaper for your texture like any other. You can give a room a bold and exotic look or bring comfort and peace. You can find yourself on a tropical island or sip your coffee in a historic area. You can go on a safari with your child or plan your future routes on the world map. Moreover, it is now possible to do all this in your field!

Imagine and Reflect on the Area you want to Decorate…

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Anyone can use wallpaper. You just have to act knowing the right steps. First of all, you should know your area well. Are you going to close a problem area or only use wallpaper for decoration purposes? The size of the room is good or bad. After considering all of these, it is also important for which room you choose the wallpaper. Bedroom, dining room, living room, or office… When you combine your chosen space and style, you will complete important steps

For example, in the living room, is there a wall that you find large, imperfect, or boring that should become the focus, the area of ​​interest? Or does it need something that will provide depth and design to all four walls of the room? Or do you want to use the ceiling? Do you want it to match the items in the room or the color in the next room, or is it the opposite? Consider what a mix-and-match color theme will add to the room so you can create the transformation you want without much change in the rest of the room.

Use New Features

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When we look past, the present wallpapers offer a wide range of features. With the advancement in technology, the patterns and various printing features offered by any wallpaper to us today can transform a room with a dramatic design and offer an elegant look.

When and How to Use Dark or Light Wallpaper?

First of all, you should identify the flaws and needs of your room and add your appreciation to it. The dark and small room can look bigger and brighter with a bright, light-colored wallpaper that reflects light. When you make such a choice, your space will look bigger and brighter. Striped or geometric patterned wallpapers will also help your room look wider. For example, if you have a room without a window, wallpaper is definitely a great solution. A dark or textured wallpaper brings the walls of a room closer together and can be complementary to larger rooms in a house, especially paper with a floral pattern or a complex design.

Other Ways to Make a Room Unique and Own

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Standard cabinets in many homes can be rearranged with wallpaper to provide a modern look. The patterned wallpaper applied on the stair risers of any stairs can enable you to have an entrance path that will make you say, “this is it.” The same should be said about the wall behind your libraries. Small details that you add behind books, tiny accessories and pictures will definitely add character to your room

Think of the ceiling as the fifth wall, and using one of the very beautiful patterned wallpapers may cause your guests not to take their eyes off your ceiling. For example, Renaissance paintings, which are very popular for ceilings, can be an example.

I think we noticed in this article that the wallpaper used in the 16th century is not like today’s wallpaper. Now we can get the look we want without much hassle, and we can choose the right paper from various options according to the wall type we have available. I think we fell in love with the wallpapers again and this time we will not be able to give up.