Benefits of Using Professional Transcription Services for Education in 2024

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Since digital recording has become easy and convenient, it has seen tremendous use in education. From classroom lectures to conducting field interviews, recorded audios and videos have been a great help to all kinds of students and academics.

With this, they are not scared of missing out on important information. However, recorded audios and videos can be used by only a few people. To make them available to a broad range of audiences, these recorded items need to be transcribed into audio to text format.

Technology has made it possible to get recorded content transcribed into text within minutes by dedicated software while the old ways of manual transcription are also available through professional transcription services. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of professional transcription services.

Classroom Lectures

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Recording classroom lectures has become very popular among students, and even teachers and educational institutions encourage this trend. Recorded lessons and lectures help the students retain whatever was said in the classroom. They can hear the recordings at their leisure and complete the lesson without any fear of losing any important part of the lesson.

However, most studies and examinations involve written text, so the recordings also need to be transcribed to be more meaningful. This allows for better consumption of the lesson by more people. Professional transcription services can do the transcription of recorded classroom lectures with accuracy and professionalism.

Research Interviews

Conducting research interviews is an important aspect of higher education. It provides real and new information, groundbreaking insights, and perspectives that are genuine and practical. Without such interviews, academic research will be incomplete. To use the interviews in research studies, dissertations and thesis, they need to be transcribed. This can be a time-consuming and painstaking task.

Usually, the number of interviews for research work can be quite high. A professional transcription service can be a good help to an academic or research scholar. They can use either manual or automatic transcription methods to transcribe the recorded lessons and subsequently edit and proofread them.


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Dissertations, theses, projects, and reports are integral parts of quality education. They give a practical and progressive twist to classroom and textbook education. To complete these intricate and intensive projects, you may need to bring in information from different sources and the easiest way to do that is through audio or video recordings.

However, you would need to transcribe the recordings into the text to use them in dissertations, theses, projects, and reports. A professional transcription service can take the drudgery out of the project and give you clean and accurate text to complete your dissertation. Both manual and automatic methods of transcription are good for this purpose.

Group Session

Group discussion has long been used as a tool to impart important lessons in a non-formal way. Here, a group of people discusses a topic in a stimulating environment. Typically, some are opposing the central idea, some supporting and some having completely new ideas. This allows diverse opinions and ideas to come forth on a given topic. This model can be used in a variety of ways, with teachers and educators also participating in it. To retain the entire content in a consumable form, the proceeding needs to be transcribed and converted into text. Here, too, a professional transcription service can be of immense help.

Attending Class Remotely

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Now, video conferencing and webinars are everyday things that anybody can use. A lot of education is happening through these digital methods of video conferencing. This has enabled domain experts to talk and teach to their global audience.

For both learners and educators to take full advantage of the content created in these remote classrooms, the whole proceedings need to be converted from video to text files. As the quality of information exchanged in these classes is often very high because of top-notch experts being involved in the process, it makes sense to retain the content in a text form for future and broad-based use.

Audext Transcription App

While professional transcription services help a great deal in education by converting audio to text services, transcribing huge amounts of data can be so time-consuming that it may hamper the speed of the educational projects. Using an automatic transcription method such as this transcription app can solve the problem.

Audext can transcribe an audio or video file of any format into text. After a round of editing and proofreading, the text can be used for all formal purposes. The great thing about Audext transcription is that it ties the text to the exact video moment so you can always crosscheck and get the right sense and meaning whenever you have a doubt, you can read more here.

Concluding thought

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There are many benefits of using professional transcription services for education, but doing it with the help of Audext can make the work more comfortable, more enjoyable, accurate, and professionals. Manual transcriptions can take a lot of time, while there would also be issues about accuracy.