Things To Do Before you Trade in Your Smartphone – 2024 Guide

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Do you like buying new smartphones and keeping yourself updated? Well, if the answer to the question is yes, then this article is for you!

According to a recent survey, it was seen that global sales for refurbished smartphones had a growth of 13% in 2017, and is further growing. So, it is not a bad time to sell off your phone and buy a new one!

Have you searched for a selling platform?

Before you decide to sell your old phone, you need to do some research. And, this is where things become fun if you want to get the right value for your old smartphone. Start with researching the platforms where you can sell your old phone.

Ofcourse, there are websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, where you can list your phone. You can also look for websites, where you can get the best price like Mobilemonster. This will make your experience easy. All you have to do is select the brand and model of your phone, match the IMEI and then lastly, ship the phone to the seller. You’ll get the money directly credited to your bank account.

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What should be the right price?

If you are not using the aforementioned website, then, you also have to estimate the right price. This only happens if you are looking to sell it personally.

The right approach should be to look at the market value of the phone on the selling websites and then decide a price band on which you wish to sell your phone at the present condition.

How will you list your phone on the marketplace websites?

When you’re planning to sell your phone online, you need to write the content correctly, so that it attracts buyers. You can start by mentioning the condition of the phone, and how long you have used it.

You also have to click some good pictures of the present condition of the phone, and mention all the specifications, nicely.

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How will you interact with the potential buyers?

This is the most important step in the entire selling process. If you want to close the deal, you need to interact with your potential buyers rightly.

Buyers will definitely negotiate on the price stated. So, the trick will be to price it a bit lower than the refurbished smartphones available in the market, but definitely price it higher than the exchange value. 

Do you need to work on any repairs or servicing?

Well, this is a dilemma that most of us face with old smartphones. Usually, if the repair and servicing cost is very less, you can go for it to make the phone look younger and then sell it at a higher price.

However, most people don’t go for it if the screen is broken and it is out of the warranty period. It is always better to sell off your phone to websites like, where you’ll get value for your phone and you also don’t have to worry about its working condition.  

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The changes to the Phone

Since your phone has a lot of data stored due to the amount of time you have used it, along with a lot of personalized files and folders, there is something you need to do for your phone before you sell it. These things are mentioned below, and you will have to perform all these steps before selling the phone:

  •   Update to the latest build of the operating system software: Before you decide to sell off the phone, it is advisable that you upgrade it to the latest version of the Operating System. This will help you with the latest features, and any of them might come in handy while selling the phone. This will also help you to fetch better prices as most of the phones with the latest software upgrades fetch higher money. But, never try rooting your phone, or else you will lose the entire market value of the phone. It is better to stick with the stock OS, which is provided by the manufacturer!
  •   Backup your files and folders on the cloud: Be it Google Drive for Android Smartphones or the iCloud for your iPhones, it is important that you backup all the data on the cloud. If you do not back up the data, you will tend to lose out on important files and folders. You must also ensure that you have backed up your instant messages, call log, contact, setting and preferences, and all your documents, etc.
  •   Back up the device Photos and Videos: If you have forgotten to back up the photos and videos, it will be a huge loss of your memories. So, make sure all your photos and videos are also backed up on the cloud. If there is an SD Card, it is better to back these up there, and then remove it completely.
  •   Your Mobile App Data should also have a backup: With the advent of smartphones, our dependency on mobile applications has increased manifold. Apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, Telegram, PUBG, and other gaming applications also have user data, and unless it’s backed up, you cannot have the same progress on your new phone.
  •   Go for Factory Reset of Phone: Once you have backed up all these things, it is time to delete everything that is there on the phone. The best approach will be to remove all kinds of e-mail and cloud accounts first, followed by the removal of all mobile applications.
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Once you have done it, go for removal of all files from the in-built memory of the mobile and then delete all your contacts, text messages and call log. After this, you can go for a Factory Reset and this will permanently delete all your files and folders from the phone memory. It is advisable to perform this action twice, as you do not want any of your valuable and personal data to fall in the wrong hands.

Closing thoughts!

A recent survey showed that Australians are hoarding more than 23 million unused mobile phones. So, if you are one of them, it is better that you sell off your phone, right now. Recycling of smartphones is a very important initiative and you will get a good price, if you follow these steps, well!