Top Weed Delivery Services in California

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Despite California being known as one of the most cannabis-friendly states, not all towns have allowed dispensaries to open up in their communities. As a result, some Californians still have to drive long distances to buy their weed. Still, weed delivery services make this a problem of the past.

California cities and counties need our support to go after the illicit cannabis market,” Ting said.

Left unchanged to make it easier for illegal marijuana sellers to license and compete, the black market will continue to be a significant part of sales in California, according to the report released Thursday.

Adams’ Colorado-based firm projects that regulated cannabis sales in California will grow to $ 7.2 billion in 2024, but illegal sales will remain at $ 6.4 billion that year. More cities are expected to allow marijuana shops to exist, and state attempts to obtain licenses for illegal operators – in part through stricter control

Cannabis delivery brings the products you love right to your door, so you can enjoy shopping for weed without ever leaving home. Here, we’re covering the best cannabis delivery services in California, so keep reading to find one delivering near you.

Weed Delivery in California

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Like dispensaries, there are many weed delivery services in California, each offering slightly different products, prices, and services. In addition, some delivery services have large delivery areas, while others are limited to specific communities within California. Luckily, no matter which service you choose or where you live, you’ll enjoy fast, affordable delivery of high-end products from your favorite cannabis brands.

Business on ramp

You only need a kitchen, a cook, a product and an agreement with an app like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Rappi, No apron or Didi to start the business.

How do fast food chains make money selling hamburgers for $ 1?

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In the last year, ghost kitchens have become popular in several Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Some have been so successful that they have been able to become franchises and open their first physical restaurants.

Rappi, one of the most popular food delivery services in the continent.

Best Cannabis Delivery Services by Area

Ready to narrow down which cannabis delivery service will be best for your unique needs? Here are six incredible services delivering weed to communities across California:

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Budee offers the same incredible selection of products as other popular delivery services but is set apart by its incredible discounts and deals. Catering to customers in So-Cal, Budee has an impressive selection of hundreds of products at industry-low prices. Each week, Budee releases new offers on popular items, reducing costs, offering free products with purchase, and similar deals. To help customers save even more, Budee offers No Tax Tuesday, where customers only pay for the price of their cannabis plus excise tax, no sales or city tax included!

  • Order Minimum: No minimum
  • Delivery Fee: FREE
  • Delivery Time: ~60 minutes or scheduled up to 24 hours in advance


Ganjarunner delivers cannabis products to customers in the Fresno area, delivering in as little as 60 minutes after ordering. Ganjarunner lets customers track their orders from the moment they are placed until the moment they arrive, so there is never any mystery regarding delivery time. Ganjarunner also makes it super affordable to enjoy their fast, discreet services, offering free delivery with no order minimum.

  • Order Minimum: No minimum
  • Delivery Fee: FREE
  • Delivery Time: ~60 minutes or scheduled up to 24 hours in advance
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Serving customers in the Bay Area, Greenrush offers same-day delivery to zip codes in the East Bay, Peninsula, Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose. Customers can browse a large selection of products from an inventory that is updated daily to match current supplies. They carry hundreds of products from trusted brands like CANN, Flow Kana, and Buddies. Orders are delivered in under 90 minutes, and customers earn 8% back in rewards to use on later purchases!

  • Order Minimum: $40
  • Delivery Fee: FREE
  • Delivery Time: ~90 Minutes

Mountain Remedy

Another Bay Area-based delivery service, Mountain Remedy, carries high-quality products from luxury and well-known cannabis brands. Committed to creating a personalized experience for every customer, Mountain Remedy offers advice from live experts to help you choose the right products. Among the brands carried by Mountain Remedy, customers can browse products from Kiva, Raw Garden, and Sherbinskis. To help you save money on their more expensive products, Mountain Remedy also offers 8% back in rewards on all purchases.

  • Order Minimum: $50
  • Delivery Fee: FREE 
  • Delivery Time: ~90 minutes express or scheduled up to 48 hours in advance
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TryDoobie – a service delivering weed to customers in the Palm Springs area – offers a slightly smaller selection of products than other services, but that’s by design. Doobie’s team carefully chooses only the best products, limiting the menu to the items they love the most. Doobie customers can choose from a premium selection of items affordably priced and enjoy regular special pricing on rotating products. Need advice? Doobie encourages customers to give them a call for tips and advice!

  • Order Minimum: $50
  • Delivery Fee: FREE
  • Delivery Time: 60 minutes or less


Grassdoor serves So-Cal communities in Los Angeles and Orange County, delivering cannabis orders in 40 minutes or less. Featuring tons of products at excellent prices delivered safely and discreetly by cannabis industry professionals, Grassdoor makes it easy to skip the dispensary and stay home instead. To help you save money, Grassdoor also offers weekly deals with reduced pricing on popular products from top brands.

  • Order Minimum: No minimum
  • Delivery Fee: $5 for orders under $75; FREE for orders over $75
  • Delivery Time: ~40 minutes

Final Thoughts

No matter where you live in California, you can enjoy fast, affordable, discreet cannabis delivery. With regular deals, sale prices, and everyday low prices, it’s easy to save money while staying home and avoiding long lines and traffic. Once every stoner’s dream, weed delivery is now a reality for California cannabis consumers.



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