Top 10 VR Pornstars of 2024


When exploring the wide and always expanding world of VR porn, one thing will quickly become apparent: much of the responsibility for making a VR porn experience powerful, effective, and enjoyable rests on the shoulders of the performers.

Finding a VR pornstar that not only turns you on but also has the skill and talent to make sex in VR an easy and intuitive experience can occasionally be tricky. There are, however, plenty of excellent female performers already making a big impact on the VR porn industry and its viewers.

This focus on such talented women includes North Americans, Europeans, women of Asian descent, and even a Kenyan, all of whom feature prominently at With different styles and approaches to shooting VR porn, all of which prove highly effective, these stars are shining examples of just how exciting VR porn can be.

1. Veronica Leal

Veronica Leal in Spicing Things Up by VRHush

When it comes to the wilder side of sexual experience, Veronica Leal seems to have made it her mission to bring intensity, variety, and inventiveness to all her VR performances. She loves anal sex, group sex, multiple penetrations, men and women both, watersports, costumes and fetish wear, and shooting as much VR porn as seems humanly possible. This 29-year-old Colombian spinner boasts an impressive athletic body and unrelenting appetite for all kinds of sex. Her excitable nature, deceptively angelic face, and powerful eye contact makes her one of VR porn’s most vivacious and captivating women.

2. Leana Lovings

Porn was due for a new geek girl when Leana Lovings appeared on the scene and, once she made the leap into VR, fans rejoiced. This popular new performer has wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, a slim body with great curves, and, more often than not, spectacles to complete the geeky look. With the obvious cosplay turn as Velma Dinkley out of the way, Leana seems to have taken to playing the slutty stepsister, a role she does extremely well. Everyone has a geeky fantasy they need fulfilled and thanks to VR porn’s intimate and immersive nature, Leana is the girl to do it!

3. Eve Sweet


Eve Sweet in Love and Flowers by SexBabesVR

Spanish brunette beauty Eve Sweet deserves her name. One look at her face and you might expect a sweet and demure woman who’s unlikely to get too wild. While she may not have shot intense DPs or gangbangs (yet), her VR porn work does show off her range of sexual talents. From sultry stripteases to footjob massages to begging to be banged harder, Eve has solid range. She also has one of the most perfect pairs of natural breasts porn has seen in recent years! It’s only a matter of time before her typecasting wears off and Eve ventures into more aggressive territory. Eve Sweet is certainly a performer to keep close tabs on.

4. Angel Wicky

Among all of porn’s popular ultra-curvy blondes, Angel Wicky stands tall. Well, not that tall. She may be an imposing presence and an excellent dominant performer but she is only 5’4”. A big believer in the power of VR porn who in 2017 called it “the next big thing,” Angel has shot everything from gentle softcore seductions to six-guy gangbangs and everything in between. Looking equally stunning in bondage gear, office attire, superhero spandex, a bridal gown, and nothing at all, Angel’s amazing body and endless enthusiasm makes every VR performance a revelation.

5. Laney Grey

Laney Grey in Sweet Genie by VRConk

Of the young Americans currently doing excellent work in VR porn, Laney Grey might just be enjoying her job the most. Almost never lacking a smile, Laney oozes authenticity and eagerness. Given that she’s only 25, Laney is setting herself up to enjoy a long and illustrious career, should she choose. A natural in front of any camera, Laney’s appeal is only amplified by VR, where her awesome eye contact adds a huge dose of intimacy to every encounter. Equally well cast as an ‘80s aerobics bunny, an executive assistant, some guy’s sugarbaby, a nanny, and the horny girl next door, Laney has great range and tons of personality.

6. Jewelz Blu


Jewelz Blu in Leveling Up by BaDoinkVR

Some pornstars find their niche almost immediately. Jewelz Blu is one such performer. From the first time you see her all dressed up in some colorful costume, her signature azure blue hair completing the look, you realize cosplay porn is something she was always going to excel at. Having donned the costumes and clothing of Pokémon’s Officer Jenny, Marin from My Dress-Up Darling, Genshin Impact’s Mona, and, most surprisingly, the Samsung Digital Assistant, Jewelz could be mistaken for a cosplay pornstar and a cosplay pornstar only. That, thankfully, is not the case as her uncostumed work is just as hot, loaded with her friendly, charming, and undeniably horny attitude.

7. Zaawaadi

Zaawaadi in Honey, My Pussy is Wet and Hungry by LustReality

You don’t often find Kenyan women appearing but that’s far from the only reason Zaawaadi stands out from the crowd. After getting her start thanks to Tiffany Tatu and Pierre Woodman, Zaawaadi soon leapt into VR porn with the same passion and energy she brings to all her work. Having shot many VR scenes in still-young career, Zaawaadi offers something unique for VR porn lovers. Rarely does a statuesque Kenyan beauty with a shaved head and no apparent sexual limits land before your very eyes asking to be pleasured and to pleasure in return. Zaawaadi is the face of a new breed of porn talent drawn from all across the globe and, if her talent and skill is any indication, the future is very bright indeed.

8. Jill Palmer

Much more than just an incredible performer, Jill Palmer is a studio owner, scouter of new talent, wife, streamer and quickly rising porn sensation. Having started a production company, JackandJill, with her husband in a small San Francisco studio space, Jill soon started recruiting some of porn’s hottest newer stars to enjoy wild group sex. With Jack’s massive cock as her primary co-star, Jill proves she can be just as exciting without other girls to gorge on. She and Jack stream many of their longform experiences live on Chaturbate – and have even been nominated for a 2024 XBiz Creator award for it – but for the absolute best way to experience Jill Palmer in all her awe-inspiring glory, you need to see her (and her modular lineup of costars) in VR!

9. Nicole Doshi

Born in China and raised in the USA, Nicole Doshi has leapt to a new level of popularity and success lately. Her tight body and elegant good looks have helped, sure, but it’s largely because she has shown an ever-increasing desire to please herself, her onscreen partners, and her viewing audience. When working in VR porn, the latter two of those are usually the same person: the VR viewer. Nicole is always committed to giving compelling performances from the opening lines of dialog to the often-messy conclusion of an encounter.

10. Melody Marks


Melody Marks in Loving Melody by WANKZVR

After initially appearing to be another likely addition to the list of porn performers who make their debut, shoot a few scenes, then disappear back to civilian life, Melody Marks instead chose to not only stick around and keep shooting but to expand her repertoire in numerous ways. Heading to Japan to shoot JAV is one thing but quietly becoming one of VR porn’s most compelling performers is another altogether. In her plentiful VR work, Melody’s coy delivery and amazing young body are accented perfectly by her playful, seductive eyes. From romantic Valentine’s Day experiences to cosplay outings, solo self-pleasure to babysitter and stepsister roleplay, there seems to be nothing Melody Marks can’t do – or ace!

Ready to Rock Your World

These impressive performers bring ample enthusiasm, amazing sexual skills, and a deep desire to please with every VR porn encounter they shoot. While some will retire, others will remain active for many years to come. New performers will arrive and fans may even see a former star return, drawn in by the lure of VR and connecting with fans in a whole new way. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: you’ve never experienced pornstars until you’ve experienced them in VR.