Top Sydney Attractions in 2024

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Like any bustling city, Sydney has a range of attractions to interest locals and tourists alike. So, why not put Sydney on your list of places to visit in 2024 and check out these top attractions below.

Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium

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The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium is home to over 700 species of fish and over 13,000 individual fish. It’s especially full of Australian fish, so if you’re visiting Sydney from overseas it’s a great opportunity to discover the local aquatic flora and fauna.

The aquarium offers glass-bottom boat rides for an even closer look at the fish. And if that still isn’t up close and personal enough, you can even try swimming with grey nurse sharks and giant stingrays!


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Speaking of getting up close to some wildlife, just next door to the Sea Life Aquarium is the Wild Life Zoo. Plan your visit around feeding times and educational talks to get the most out of the day. Walkthrough the zoo on a self-guided tour or enlist the help of a professional to be sure you hit all the important stops.

Just like the aquarium, you can splurge for some unique experiences, like a delicious breakfast beside the koalas! The zoo is full of Australian animals along with the koalas, including lorikeets, wombats, and kangaroos, perfect for those interested in learning about Australian wildlife.

Madame Tussauds

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If looking at animals isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps walking with the stars is.  Sydney’s Madame Tussauds boasts recreations of stars from every walk of life. Pose next to Albert Einstein, Marvel & DC superheroes, the British royal family, Bollywood stars, models, and more!

You can even pretend to receive an award at the recreation of the MTV music awards stage, filled with musicians, from Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift. While you’re in the Music Zone, you can even lay down your own track in the recording booth, earning yourself the MTV best newcomer award.

Sydney Tower Eye

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One of the best Sydney attractions is the city itself. The bustling, dynamic CBD is unique, and it can feel impossible to take it all in from the ground. That’s why a trip up the Sydney Tower Eye is essential for those interested in getting an elevated view of the city.

The tower is the tallest structure in Sydney and the second tallest observation tower in the southern hemisphere, which is super impressive when you consider that it has been a part of the Sydney skyline for almost 40 years!

A trip up the tower gives you an unparalleled view of the city. You can even grab a bite to eat in the restaurant at the top. Visit the observation deck on your first day in Sydney to get your bearings, or on your last day for one final look at the city.

Darling Harbour

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Amongst all the other attractions on the list for Australia, Darling Harbour emerges as a true darling for every individual of all ages, and genders. This waterfront pedestrian precinct museums, exhibitions, houses shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is one of the best and unusual places to visit in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

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The iconic Sydney Opera House is a must-see for all who visit Sydney, even if you are not a fan of classical music. The famous building was originally designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and finished in 1973, 14 years after the construction started. This architectural masterpiece can be toured with a guide and this is highly recommended.

Knowledgeable guides will be able to explain all the peculiarities about the building which you would miss if you are going about by yourself. Tours start on the hour every hour from 9 am to 5 pm every day. Although it is called Opera House, it is a multi-venue center that hosts almost all performing arts. It is home to Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Sydney Theatre Company, and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

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The second part of the iconic image of Sydney and its harbour is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Opened in 1931, it connects Sydney Business Centre and the North Shore. One of the most popular Sydney’s tourist attractions is the Bridge Climb Summit. Guided by experienced climb leaders, visitors scale the bridge to the top. The climb offers a unique chance to experience the incredible view of the city from one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Especially attractive is the night climb, when you can enjoy the city lights from the height of 134 m (440 ft).

Bondi Beach

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With its pristine white sands, Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Australia. One of the biggest attractions of Bondi Beach is that it can be visited at any time of the year. The surrounding area offers opportunities for hiking, golf, and whale watching.

Campbell Parade and other nearby streets overlooking the beach are filled with restaurants with great food and unparalleled view. If you want to learn how to surf, Bondi Beach is the best place to do it. There are numerous surfing schools located on or near the beach, with experienced instructors.

Queen Victoria Building

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The Queen Victoria Building, or QVB, as the locals call it, is one of the most significant Romanesque Revival buildings in the world. Located in George Street, in the heart of Sydney’s bustling business center.

The building was designed by George McRae and it was built in 1899, after six years of construction. It is a massive building, with 30 meters of width and 190 meters of length. Originally intended as a marketplace, QVB now houses Local government administration, as well as the City of Sydney Library.

St George Open Air Cinema

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St George Open Air Cinema, or Westpac Open Air Cinema as it is called now, is often described as one of the most beautiful open cinemas in the world. Granted, a few sites can boast such a magnificent backdrop, combining Sydney’s skyline, Opera House, and Harbour Bridge. With a total capacity for over 1,900 visitors and a three-story high projection screen, it is one of the most memorable experiences Sidney can offer.

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