Betting Strategies – The Top 4 Strategies Worth Your Time


Many gamblers and mathematicians have tried to crack their heads in search of the ultimate betting strategy. However, they have been unsuccessful so far since each strategy has its fair share of risks and shortcomings. The concept of using a strategy, a structured approach to betting, still arouses a lot of scepticism in certain circles because they believe that the house always wins.

Nevertheless, gambling with order has its pros. There is no perfect strategy, but some demonstrate some levels of success. Your ideal strategy will depend on your betting style and gambling budget. Let us take a look at the top four strategies to consider. Fortunately, they work for both online and land-based casino gambling, so you can use them on your favourite site and perhaps test them when enjoying your Vulkan Bet bonus.

1. Martingale Strategy

Perhaps, this is the most revered betting strategy. It states that you should double your bets after every losing bet. Hence, if you start with $20 and lose, your next bet will be $40, and the sequence continues until you win. Once you win, the bets reset back to the initial amount, and then –  you start again.

The assumption is that the strategy will result in the recovery of your losses plus a little profit when you finally win. However, it is a risky venture, especially when on a losing streak, since it can deplete your bankroll quickly. Only gamers with sufficient cash can use it comfortably. Nonetheless, gamblers have modified the strategy by increasing their bets after every loss without necessarily doubling them. For instance, one could increase it by 25% or something. It is a flexible way of adhering to it.

There is a contrasting strategy referred to as the Reverse Martingale though its stats do not look promising. It states that you should double your bet after every win and reduce them after a loss. The strategy assumes that when the game becomes generous, it will go on a streak, so gamblers should take advantage of it before it becomes cold.

2. Oscar’s Grind Strategy


Even though it is complex compared to Martingale, they are both based on negative progression. It states that you should start at a certain level and stay regardless of whether you are on a winning or losing streak. You only raise your wager by one unit when you win after a loss. It then sticks at this level until you get another win after a loss and raise it again by one.

Oscar’s Grind is also aimed at chasing losses though it is friendlier to your pocket. Since the bets only increase by a unit, it rises slowly making it hard to surpass the table bet limit of certain games. However, it is quite complicated, so it should not be your first choice if you are new to gambling systems. In addition, even though it is less risky, it could also deplete your bankroll if you play for long hours.

3. Card Counting

This is a common strategy that is used in card games such as Blackjack. It can be so effective that casinos try to single card counters out and possibly lock them out. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t disrupt the game. Card counting involves keeping a running count of the low-value and high-value cards that are dealt with. The concept is simply based on the fact that high-value cards (Aces, 9s, and 10s) are beneficial to the player, while low-value ones are good for the dealer.

Hence, card counters try to have an advantage and beat the house edge. They bet more when the count favours them and less when the dealer has the upper hand. The math might look complex because it seems like it needs genius abilities. However, card counters simply assign a negative or positive value to each card, so they get to adjust it by that value. It is one of the strategies worth mastering.

4. Betting 2% or Less of Your Bankroll


The basic principle of gambling is that the more rounds you play, the higher your probability of winning. Hence, bankroll management is perhaps the most popular betting tip that you will encounter on the Internet. This strategy gives you a way of ensuring that you place just a fraction of your budget per round.

Since it is based on such a popular concept – it is certainly worth trying. However, it only makes sense if you have a sizeable bankroll. If you only have $100, two percent of it is only $2, which is quite low. It is not enough to elicit any form of excitement from the majority of betters. Also, gamblers tend to work with impulse and emotion and that is part of the thrill. Thus, the discipline to stick to this strategy could be boring and hard to keep up with.

These are the top four betting strategies that are commonly used by gamblers. They offer a system that could lead to positive results, but they all have their fair share of cons. Try them out one by one and find one that suits your style.