Top Security Cameras for 2024

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In a world full of “riches”, it is quite important to monitor our more luxurious belongings at all times, just in case someone tries to take something that’s not theirs.

This doesn’t only apply for luxurious things however since unfortunately, burglars nowadays tend to steal almost anything that is even slightly worthy.

Whether it is a bike or a smartphone, if you leave it unwatched, it will probably be gone in a couple of minutes.

The Appearance of CCTV – Security Cameras

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Security cameras are a very interesting invention, and it is pretty safe to say that ever since they were released for public use, a lot of things in our society changed.

In the first couple of years, they weren’t present around every corner like nowadays. Only some of the more important facilities and objects had them, such as banks and post-offices. Today, every store has multiple cameras and you can find plenty of them on traffic lights as well.

Needless to say, this reduces the criminal rate by a lot, and it helps the police catch thieves a lot more easily, so they are wonderful invention hands down.

When it comes to purchasing a security camera, things can get a little messy, and if you are not very familiar with these things, you can end up spending a lot of money for something that’s not worth as much.

Luckily, this article will include some top products from different price ranges, so hopefully, it will allow you to make easier decisions. Let’s jump straight into it.

Arlo Pro 3

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Ask anyone about the performance of this thing, and they’ll tell you that it’s the best money they’ve ever spent. The Arlo Pro 3 is a magnificent security camera device that can be connected through wireless internet, and the design is compact and subtle.

When we talk about quality, this one is the peak-performance of cameras. It records in 2k resolution HDR video, which is already more than enough for a security camera, and it has the intelligent motion detection feature that’s pretty awesome as well.

For those of you that don’t understand the term 2k, almost all of the movies you’re watching are in full HD, so this is even better than that, meaning a crisp-clean image.

But there must be a downside to this device, right? Unfortunately, yes, but that’s not considered a downside since you are paying for quality, and it has to cost a bit more compared to other devices. Besides the price, we can’t really say that anything else comes as a downside to the Arlo Pro 3.

Ring Stick up Cam

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This is another very interesting security camera, once again very compact and pretty good-looking. It has a built-in siren, which is quite an interesting feature, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to install. Just like our previous example, it can be used completely wire-free, since we know that you guys don’t like cables, especially in 2024, so setting this thing up shouldn’t be an issue at all.

As for quality, it doesn’t record as good as the Arlo Pro 3, but it is still full HD, meaning 1080p, which is once again more than enough for a security device. Yes, this one also has the motion detection feature.

The cons of it? It’s expensive, cheaper than the previous one but still a bit on the expensive side, and it requires you to make a cloud subscription to access the recorded video, which is quite a bummer.

You can also visit Ketondo if you are interested in taking a look at other high-quality security devices that are guaranteed to keep your home safe from intruders.

Nest Cam IQ – Indoor Variant

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This device is known for the amazing face recognition artificial intelligence feature, and the great motion and sound detection abilities. Compared to the other devices on our list, this one has a pretty unique look, and some people might confuse it with a speaker if they don’t get too close to notice the lens.

It can be connected with some of your other smart devices, such as tablets or smartphones, and it is pretty easy to install. The video quality is full HD, meaning 1080p, once again for those unfamiliar with the terms, and like the previous cases, it has a few downsides as well.

One of the downsides is the cost, and the other one is very similar to the previous model. To fully utilize all of the features, this device requires you to use the Nest Aware services, which unfortunately require a subscription.

Yi Dome – 1080p version

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Now this one isn’t afraid to show the real look of a security camera, and as soon as you take a look at it, you immediately know what it is. It’s black, although there might be a model that comes in white color, and it also has a compact design that can be placed somewhere more subtle.

The cost is not an issue for this example, since The Yi Dome is known to be a very affordable device, and there are some great design features as well. It can be tilted mechanically, up and down, and panned to left and right as well.

The video quality is 1080p, and there are two AI’s that track motion and detect sound. According to the manufacturers, this device can recognize a baby crying, which is quite amazing if you are living with children.

The storage can be both local and cloud, so you can choose whatever seems better for you. Now, although this isn’t a huge issue, some people consider it a downside. The Yi Dome Camera isn’t compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa, but if you are not using those, then this might be the best security device that you can purchase.


Security cameras are great, and the market is currently saturated with various brands and manufacturers, so try to do some research or read reviews before making a transaction.

With the right devices in your home, you will never feel unsafe again, so make sure that you invest a bit in security.