Top Online Business Ideas

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For a lot of people, running an online business is a dream that offers independence and financial security. The first step towards becoming an online entrepreneur is to choose an online business that will match your skills and that you will be able to actually launch. In this article, you will be able to read about the top online business ideas, and fortunately for you, none of the ideas actually require a physical store and some even do not require a physical product. Here is a list of the top business ideas to start online:

1. Social Media Marketing

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If you enjoy managing your social media account and if you get a thrill when you get favorites, likes, retweets, Instahearts, recommends, shares, upvotes, followers, comments, views, and clicks, you might want to consider a career in social media marketing. By working with companies in order to manage their social media accounts, spread their content on the Internet, and respond to the questions customers might have, you will be able to turn this job into a hobby. And, the best thing about this job is that it can be done from any location.

2. SEO Consulting

Maybe you are not an expert on social media platforms, but you might be a professional at search engine optimization, or for short, SEO. If you have experience in ranking a website on Google or other search engines, and if you understand how you can turn searches into consumers, then there are various companies that will pay well for your service.

3. Freelance designing

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Do you have an eye for aesthetics? Did you attend art school or do you enjoy spending your leisure time designing pictures and posters? If that is the case, then freelance designing might be the best choice for you. You will be able to take on customers at your own speed, build a good reputation on the Internet, and work on projects that you actually find interesting.

4. Freelance writing

If you are talented in putting thoughts into words, you can easily become a freelance writer. As long as you have an Internet connection and the right keyboard, nothing will be able to stand in your way.

5. Translation

If you are a good writer, but you are not interested in posting your original articles, there is another opportunity for you. If you are bilingual, translating could be perfect for you. You will be able to do whatever you want and like, as long as you have the text you are working on and understand what your goals are.

6. Photography

If you want to travel all over the world, why not document your journey and profit from those pictures? For the people who have a gift for photography, you might turn your hobby into a job! Stock photo websites like iStock or Shutterstock will give you an opportunity to sell the pictures you take. Hence, if you are comfortable with sharing your pictures with the world, this is a great job for you.

7. Tutoring and Consultation

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If you are into the whole online business concept that revolves around calling or video chatting with your clients, as well as teaching, tutoring is the path you should take. People with high scores on standardized tests understand how to teach people and they know the material inside and out. Tutoring can bring a lot of money without trying so much.

If you are an Advisor, counselor or some sort of consultant you could try a service like Premium.Chat which would enable you to directly monetize those lessons and chats with your clients.

8. E-commerce store

One of the most common online businesses is running an E-commerce store that is easy to use, as well as cheap. If you are creative and love arts and crafts, you could make products and sell them on various websites such as Etsy, Amazon, or eBay straight from the comfort of your home. This Course by Nahar Geva can provide you with valuable insights and strategies to optimize your online store and maximize your sales potential.


These were some of the many online business ideas and concepts. It is likely that you will find something that will suit your needs and if you want to read more about online business ideas, check out this website.