Top 5 ‘Zero Waste’ Hacks

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Climate experts from around the world are warning humanity of a potential ‘mass extinction’, triggered by the devastating effects of climate change. If we don’t clean up our act, fast, then the planet we have come to know and love will no longer be an inhabitable place. The United Nations states, “Currently, degradation of the Earth’s land surface through human activities is negatively impacting the well-being of at least 3.2 billion people, pushing the planet towards a sixth mass species extinction, and costing more than 10 percent of the annual global gross product in loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.” In this article, we will explore five zero-waste hacks that you can do daily to ensure a better outcome for the planet.

Purchase in bulk

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Buying food in bulk isn’t attractive to some people, but when you put the environment first, and consider how buying in bulk means less use of packaging, then you might want to reconsider. There are plenty of places to buy in bulk, you just have to Google and see what you can find online.

Reusable coffee cup

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Forget buying a takeaway coffee that has a throwaway single-use plastic lid, which is ready to choke a turtle in the ocean and instead save the sea-life and opt for a reusable coffee cup?

Don’t wastewater

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When you let your water run, and you’re waiting for it to change from hot to cold, a lot of excess water runs down the drain, instead consider capturing this water and put it to good use elsewhere. Any chance you have to reuse or make use of your water supply in a smarter way helps the planet.

Reusable food wraps

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Consider how much plastic you use when wrapping up your food to put into the fridge. Instead, why not opt for reusable coverings. There are plenty of groovy options to choose from online.

Grow your own

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When you grow your own herbs and vegetables and use them in your daily life, you are helping your surrounding and sustaining life, all the while cutting down on supermarket packaging.

Use technology

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Whether you’re a company or an individual, make technology work for you and the environment. By downloading key sustainable applications, you can more closely monitor your data and consider your daily in-take and choices more closely.

There is still hope for a bright future; it comes down to both individuals and companies employing daily environmentally conscious changes to ensure less of a negative impact on our surroundings. Logistics software start-up, CartonCloud, is one such example of a system that allows logistics companies to more closely monitor their data and operations, encouraging better use of resources. On an individual level, you can download the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals application, which gives you more tips about how to lead a more sustainable life. When more companies and individuals employ better practices with the support of key technology, we have a better chance of caring for our environment. The logistics that support the products we consume and the waste we generate – is something many of us don’t take into consideration. Everything we eat, buy and throw away has an impact on our surroundings, from the trucks picking it up to the packaging it’s covered in. If each of us employed a few more zero waste hacks every day, humanity might not need to face the notion of a ‘mass extinction’, and instead, we could all look forward to a more environmentally optimistic future. I, for one, certainly want to look ahead and see clean water, less waste and a better, more sustainable system in place for everyone. Climate activist Greta Thunberg states, “You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future right in front of their eyes.” It is time for us to act now, before it’s too late and the planet reaches a point of no return.