Top 5 Items for your Bedroom in 2024

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The bedroom is probably the most important room in your home. It is your safe haven after a busy day, a place to relax and an oasis. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully arrange every detail. We spend at least 7-8 hours every day there. Neutral colors are trendy, bright and exotic accents are recommended for anyone who wants to accelerate their energy.

But more important than the psychology of color, which you can best test for yourself and determine what suits you, are the basic principles of interior design and details whose effect has already been tried.

We will present you some of the essentials that you must have, and let’s start with the biggest and most important.


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Except for quality sleep, our bed must withstand an average of ten years of use. So, before you buy, take a good look and try a number of beds.

And what is meant by a bed? Box ie. the construction of the bed, which must be robust and solid, the floor of the bed having the role of a mattress carrier and a mattress to sleep on, which is the most important part of the bed.

The most important thing to look for when buying a mattress is comfort. If he is uncomfortable, you will not enjoy sleeping on him. Make sure you lie down on the mattress before buying to check the hardness and generally what it feels like to lie on it. How to feel a good mattress? – when you lie down on it you will simply feel whether it is good or not. If you have the slightest doubt, don’t buy it.

As for the hardness of the mattress, it should be neither too soft nor too hard.

A common rule is to get as large a bed as possible. Of course, it needs to be adjusted to the size of the free space in the room so that they can move around freely. Make sure you have enough space to open the room door or closet door normally.

Today there are beds on the market with technological accessories such as various multimedia devices whose price is significantly higher than an ordinary bed, and as the basic purpose of a bed is to rest, consider how cost-effective and healthy it is to purchase such a bed.

For Night Reading Fans

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With night lights, the bulb should not be visible, and you should be able to read without interfering with your partner who may want to sleep. In practice, portable lights on bedside tables have proven to be the most common choice for a bedroom. The adjustable and flexible reading lamp in the dark is subtle and very practical and flexible.

The right size for a nightstand lamp depends on its height, but most experts agree that it should not be more than 30 centimeters high. In addition to the decoration, wall lamps provide fine, soft light in addition to classic lighting. It makes great extra lighting that doesn’t take up a large area. Metal can better direct the light to the book but also act too cold, so fabric and paper are a better choice, but it already depends on the shape and type of lamp. The night lamp should not be shaky, but it should not be bulky either.

Weighted Blanket

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According to YNMHome, an weighted blanket is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a peaceful and relaxing sleep. The blanket is a little heavier than standard, and thanks to that, it gives a feeling of a gentle hug and calms the nervous system during sleep. The filled glass beads provide a light and soothing effect on the entire body.

Research has shown that the use of blankets, which provide a sense of embrace, has a positive effect on sleep quality. Thanks to the innovative design, pressure is provided to calm the nervous system during sleep and help you to sleep more easily.

Evenly spaced BPA-free glass beads provide extra weight and soothing pressure on the entire body. It is this feeling that stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin – hormones that help lift your mood. It also provides maximum relaxation for the body and relieves anxiety. Upgrade your relaxation space with the Stone TV beds. Seamlessly combining comfort and entertainment, these beds are designed to provide a luxurious and convenient viewing experience, right from the bedroom.

Proper Number of Pillows

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Of course, do not get as far as digging a bed under your pillows every night, but make sure you have the right number of pleasant options: for reading, for meditating, and even for breakfast in bed if it is your favorite weekend experience …

For a quiet and harmonious room, light natural tones combined with darker shades of brown are an indispensable combination. A detail such as a pillow with an interesting vibrant pattern will complete the space.

Bed Sheets

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We know that choosing the right bedding is not always easy (in fact, it is very rarely easy). So we’ll help you with that. You must first determine the dimensions, and the beds and mattresses come in a myriad of dimensions. If you have a non-standard size, you may want to consider making one for you.

Bedding is the first thing you notice when entering a bedroom, and it is important to create an impression (even if only you see it). Think about the color of the walls and the color of the room, what suits you to the interior and what style you are aiming for.

Bedding from Guccio Home can be made from natural or artificial raw materials, as well as different blends with different proportions of one or the other.

One hundred percent cotton is usually the best (and most popular) choice, and the choice we advocate. Cotton is a natural raw material and can be found everywhere.

It is soft, long-lasting and breathable. In addition, it absorbs moisture and regulates temperature well and is easy to maintain. The ‘feel’ of cotton depends on the quality of the raw material and its processing.

Artificial fabrics ie. synthetic raw materials (such as polyester), although longer-lasting, retain water and sweat and poorly regulate temperature (which can lead to uncomfortable sleep) and can also irritate sensitive skin. Such fabrics easily absorb oils and fats, which are difficult to clean later.

Also have different models for different seasons.


Pay attention to every detail, arrange your bedroom nicely and comfortably and enjoy the most relaxed part of the day. This is necessary for normal functioning.