Top 5 Fun Thing Things to Do in Ninh Binh

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Filled with sceneries, high-spirited individuals, and amazingly beautiful historical and religious sites, Ninh Binh should be on top of your travel destination lists. The town has a lot to offer and is filled with thrilling experiences to make your getaway unforgettable. The best part is that the transport system is quite amazing too. You can easily navigate to this town from Da Nang by train, which is easy to book, especially with reliable sites like Bookaway.

To make your vacation in Ninh Binh fun and forgettable, we have put together a list of fun things to do while there.

Visit the Van Long Nature reserve

Your trip to Nihn Bihn is not complete if you do not go exploring the Van Long nature reserve. This is a wetland reserve where people go for birdwatchers. It is the best place for nature lovers as it gives you the chance to see Vietnamese wildlife and enjoy the fresh outdoor breeze. It is home to numerous Vietnamese reptiles, monkeys, and birds.

The Snail Restaurants

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If you are a foodie, then this is the place for you. It always feels great to try out new foods, and the snail restaurant has the exact foods for you. Just head to D Loung Van Tuy, and on the next lane, you will find lots of snail restaurants filled with mouthwatering local foods. They serve oc louc xa, which is snails in Vietnam, but these are mixed with hot chilies and lemongrass after cooking.

Explore Tam Coc

You cannot leave Ninh Binh without taking cute Instagram photos, and this place is the perfect spot for pictures. It is located just outside Ninh Bihn town, and it is known as one of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam. You will love the landscape and the scenic limestone hills that are strategically located among green rice paddies.

Discover Hoa Lu

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Situated between two limestone mountains, Hoa Lu, which is the ancient capital of Vietnam, makes a perfect destination for nature and history lovers. It is currently a cultural center that features the ancient citadels and pagodas, which was mainly built in honor of the early times royals. You will also love the iconic bridge.

Explore the Kenh Ga floating village

It is everyone’s dream to go to a floating village, and Ninh Binh has one for you. This is a place where you get to interact with the village people and learn more about the local life of Ninh Binh and Vietnam in general. You also get to see wild chicken running around the village and enjoy the simple life of the villagers.

Vietnam is beautiful, it is charming and amazing, but the town of Ninh Binh stands out as a place filled with fun things to do and lovable people. The places to visit are endless, and you might even take weeks before exhausting them. Why not take a getaway to Ninh Binh with your friends and family and experience the natural scenery and culture of this place. You will undoubtedly love it!