Top 3 Best Portable Poker Table 2023

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For those who are into poker, there is nothing better than a poker night with their best pals. Imagine spending time with your friends, drinking your favorite drink, thinking about your next move, and all in the name of fun, you must admit that only a few things are better than that. Of course, it’s like that if you love playing poker, and if you do then you know that you can play it anywhere, on any kind of surface, and any kind of table.

But, there is always a but, there is something special when you have a table that is specially designed for poker games. It will feel like you are in a real deal casino, and your friends will love it too.

These tables are perfect for casual poker nights, but they are even more perfect if you want to make a theme casino night, where your friends and you can dress classy and feel like you are in a James Bond movie. If you are a fan of poker, casinos, and that special vibe, you need to check Gclub out.

These kinds of tables are not only good for the atmosphere and they don’t exist only for the looks. They are specially designed so you can be comfortable during the game so that your cards don’t fly across the table, and so that your drink doesn’t spill on your table and cards.

There are many poker tables available on the market, and when searching for a good one, you can easily get overwhelmed. Because of that, we’ve made a list of the best portable poker tables, and things you need to consider when buying one.

What you Need to Know Before Buying a Poker Table?

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First of all, you need to be sure about what you need. There are really good real deal poker tables, but they are often very big and you need to have a lot of space for them. That’s when portable tables come in.

They are perfect for occasional poker nights because you can easily assemble them, and at the end of the night, you can fold them and put them away, until you need them again.

Good portable poker tables are equipped with many features that are going to make your game a unique experience. They often have cup holders, the surface is made out of felt, they have card slots, chip holders, and some other extras.

Before buying a table take into consideration how many people usually play poker with you and be sure to buy a table with a suitable amount of places.

Also if you often organize poker nights you should buy a table that’s reviewed as the most durable table in the market. This means that you need to choose one that’s made out of good material, that has sturdy legs, comfortable armrests, and that has some good quality felt on the surface. Here’s top 3 poker tables on market:

  1. Barrington Texas Holdem Poker Table for 10 Players

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This first table is one of the best on the market, considering the durability, its construction quality, and its price. If you often have a lot of people coming to your poker nights, this can be a great choice because it can accommodate 10 players at a time.

It has padded edges, so you can comfortably play the game for hours. It’s 84 inches in length, it’s oval and it has 10 cup holders for every player, that are built in the table.

The felt is soft and will provide you a non-slippery game. The legs are of course foldable and you can easily fold it and store it away.

  1. Texas Holdem Poker Table

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If you prefer round tables, or to be more precise octagon ones, this is a great choice, but it is a bit pricy. This would be a good purchase only if you are prepared to give a bit more money for it.

It’s 48 inches long, so you can put it almost anywhere, and due to its foldable legs, you can easily fold it and store it away.

This table has 8 sides so 8 people can play at a time, and every one of them will have its stainless steel cup holder. For extra comfort the edges are padded and the playing surface is soft.

  1. Giantex Foldable 8 Player Poker Table

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For those looking for a budget poker table, you need to check this one out. It’s not expensive and it will give you almost everything that an expensive table would give you. It’s durable, it’s portable, it’s 73 inches, and what’s most noteworthy you can fold it in half, and that’s something that other tables don’t have.

That means you can easily even bring it to a friend’s house, and it will also not take much place in your home when stored away. On this poker table, 8 players can play at a time, and every one of them will have a cup holder, that is a bit shallow, but it doesn’t matter. This table isn’t very special, but you will be able to play your favorite game on it and feel pretty comfortable due to the padded edges and soft surface. The only downside is that it’s not very sturdy like the other two on this list, but you will survive.

Whichever table you choose, be sure it does suit all your needs. If you don’t play poker often, then maybe you don’t need to buy a table that costs a lot of money. But if you do play it often, then consider buying one that is durable and sturdy, and that will last you for ages. And if you move a lot and you want sometimes to bring your table to your friend’s home, you should buy the one that can be also folded in half, besides its folding legs. Good luck finding your new poker table, and have fun playing your favorite game.