Top 3 Best Darts for 2023

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If you want to start playing darts and be good at you need to get a proper gear for that. You need to get the best darts on the market if you want to improve your game because high-quality equipment is crucial to any hobby. Even if you want to become a professional in darts you still need the best darts for the start. If you want to find out which are the top darts on the market in 2023 just continue reading this article.

  1. Ohuhu Tip Darts With National Flag Flights

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This is a classic starter set for all the beginners out there, and they cost less than a dollar per dart which is extremely cheap. The darts have the plastic shaft but do not worry it will last for some time and will not crack. If you consider the price, the flag-print flights are not bad at all for the start in this hobby. The darts will do the job and you will learn with them how to set the right amount of spin on a dart. The Ohuhu darts are not a long-lasting product, and it will probably last just one month but for that price, it is a great bargain. The darts will pay for themselves that is the most important thing.

When it comes to properties of the darts they are very, very light, but you must learn how to put the power behind your throws if you want to stick them on the board.

  1. Ignat Games Professional Darts Set

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This is an aluminum shafted steel tip darts and they will last more than the Ohuhu Tip Darts With National Flag Flights. They are not the true professional gear but they are a good choice on the market. If you buy the darts you will get the case for them, which will improve the transport and possible loan of your darts. The case has the magnetic closure which is strong enough and it shouldn’t open up easily. You can be calm, your darts will not fall over the car or your backpack.

Those darts have 20 grams, and with them, you will learn how to hit the target not just how to stick the dart in the board. The shafts on the darts are better than on the Ohuhu Tip Darts With National Flag Flights, and they will not crack easily. They are made for bending in the process of hitting the target. The only flaw of Ignat Games Professional Darts Set is the poorly made flights witch will split during the game. The flights are very hard for attaching, and you should invest in better flights for this set.

  1. Centaur 6 Pack Steel Tip Darts

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This is the best set you can find on the market right now, it comes six in a pack for a reasonable price, but the darts are made from the high quality. Their weight is 20 grams, amazing accuracy, and they have excellent flights. In the set, you will get two styles of flight, a smooth and a dimpled, and you will be able to try the same dart with the different flights. This will help you in your purchases in the future. You will need to look after the aluminum shafts and you can use some rubber o-rings to keep from slipping, but they will not break from hitting in the board and other darts.

Essential Darts Equipment

You should remember that you will need a new set of darts every year, and when you buy the first set of darts you will find out which is the feature that suits the best for your play style. The best advice is not to buy the most expensive set you find on the market for the first time, especially if you do not know what you want. Take time, explore, and find out what is the best option for you.

When you find out what is the best option for you and your darts, you can think about the materials of the darts. You can buy plastic, brass, nickel/silver, and tungsten darts on the market. The main purpose of the material is to control flight.

The cheapest darts on the market are plastic barrel darts, and the professional players use only tungsten darts because that material is dense. When the material of the darts is dense the barrel becomes slimmer. You can also choose the brass or the nickel darts.

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Dart Barrels- What’s the Best Grip?

The barrel is the place where you hold your dart before the throwing, and your final hit depends on it, the spin and the penetration. The barrels effect on that, and grip on the dart must be comfortable for your fingers. Every person on the planet has a different concentration of oils on their hands, a different grip, and skin texture, and you must find the best barrel for yourself. You can set the barrel grip with the knurling. If the knurling is heavier you will easier grip the dart.

Dart Shafts- What’s the Best Shaft?

The dart shafts are also the things that effects on grip, and you can find a lot of different shafts, from different materials and styles. There are plastic or nylon shafts which are cheap and easy to use, but they come in a whole color palette and they look very stylish. The main problem with them is that they break very easily, but if you are a beginner they will be the perfect choice for you.

Your second choice can be aluminum shafts that are much more durable than plastic/nylon. They also come in numerous color, and when it comes to the price and quality these shafts are in balance. The major minus is that they can bend over time and have the tendency to loose during the play. The strongest shafts on the list are carbon fiber or composite dart shafts but they are expensive, and if you are a beginner you do not need them. They will not break or bend easily. At the end of our list are spinning shafts, they do not affect the flight of your dart, they spin at the end of the throw and avoid another dart on the board.

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Dart Flights- What are the Best Flights for Darts?

The dart flights come in many different styles, sizes, they can be very decorative but they have the function of controlling the darts flying. The dart flights can be smooth and dimpled; the dimpled has the task to slow down the dart and give more accuracy, and the smooth flights are quicker but less accurate.

Dart Weight- What’s the Best Weight?

The best weight for the dart is from 12 to 50 grams, but the average weight is 30 grams. You must know that the lighter your dart, the harder you will have to throe, and havier darts require less power. The best advice is to go and shop for yourself a few different weights darts and try them all and find out which is the best option for you and your throwing technique.

We are hopeful that we helped you with choosing the perfect darts for you, and good luck with your new hobby.