Top 10 Feel-Good Movie in 2024  

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2019 was an amazing year from movies, especially when you think about all the amazing action and drama ones we got. However, 2024 is will offer us something entirely different – incredible feel-good movies! Which, you must admit, is something that we are all excited about, especially after the devastating ending of Avengers: Endgame.

If you are interested in learning what 2024 feel-good movie you should watch and anticipate, this article might be quite helpful for you. The text below will feature some of the best movies that will come out in 2024 – and the best things about them? They will all make you feel good! Let’s start this article with something that we all adore:

1. “Bad Boys For Life”, January 17th – Starring: Will Smith And Martin Lawrence

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Although a lot of people do not admit it, we all absolutely adored the first two parts of this movie franchise. If you are a fan of cop comedies, definitely opt to see this movie. The original director did not come back for this part, however, you can rest assured that it is going to be perfect since Jerry Bruckheimer will take on the role of directing this film.

2 “Dolittle”, January 17th – Starring: Robert Downey Jr.

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You might remember the title from back when you were little, however, this new one features Iron Man himself! It is a completely new adaptation and it has little to do with the original movie, especially since this one is mostly based on the second book, meaning that we will get more insights into the life of Dr. Dolittle himself. Besides the aforementioned actors and actresses, you might also see Emma Thompson and Tom Holland.

3. “Downhill”, February 14th – Starring: Will Ferrell

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If you have ever watched the extremely fun comedy “Force Majeure”, you will definitely love its remake “Downhill”. The film tells an interesting tale of two married people and their quirky and funny relationship. What can be better than taking your girlfriend to the theater to watch this funny comedy together? If you want to see a list of feel-good movies available on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime, check out The Vore.

4. “Sonic The Hedgehog”, February 14th – Starring: James Marsden

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For a trip back to your childhood, you should definitely watch Sonic The Hedgehog! The trailer for this film was released back in 2019, but, it did not go so well with the die-hard fans, hence, the producer opted for completely changing how the main character looks like. Hence, the film was not released during 2019, but, it will be in February! The new trailer and new appearance of Sonic were approved by fans all over the world, so, there is nothing that can stop him now.

5. “The Call of the Wild”, February 21st – Starring: Harrison Ford

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You might have heard about Jack London’s novels, however, if you did not read “The Call of the Wild”, you can catch up on the story by watching this new adaptation – yup, there are more adaptations as well. It will feature a CGI dog which is a mixture of two dog breeds – St. Bernard and Scotch Collie – named Buck. At one point, Buck has been stolen away from its owner and he is then taken to the Yukon area where he meets his friend John, played by the famous actor, Harrison Ford. From there, they will set out on a really fun journey together!

6. “Onward”, March 6th – Starring: Chris Pratt

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Although you might recognize the names Chris Pratt and Tom Holland from the Marvel Universe, in the newest movies, they will voice the main characters in the upcoming Pixar movie! It is a fantasy animated movie, situated in a modern world filled with amazing, breathtaking magical beings. You will definitely love this new film about two elf brothers going on a road trip.

7. “Mulan”, March 27th – Starring: Yifei Liu

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Did someone say a live-action Mulan film is coming to theaters in 2024? Yup, if you are like me, Mulan was one of your favorite cartoons while growing up, hence, this remake is something that a lot of people are anticipating. With incredible actors such as Yifei and Jet Lee, this movie is probably going to break box office records in no time.

8. “The Lovebirds”, April 03rd – Starring: Kumail Nanjiani

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A comedy film that is a must-see, features the famous Kumail and Issa Rae. The plot revolves around a couple who is really close to a break-up, however, at one point, they get intertwined in a murder mystery! Spooky right? Well, opt for seeing this movie and you might find out how this couple works together in clearing their name – and who knows, maybe this crazy adventure will make their relationship stronger?

9. “Trolls World Tour”, April 17th – Starring: Anna Kendrick

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Is there a better cast then Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, and Justin Timberlake? Well, I think there isn’t. After the mesmerizing first part of the franchise where they saved their colors and figured out what the meaning of happiness is, Trolls set out on a world tour. The combination of amazing singers is why you should definitely see this movie.

10. “Legally Blonde 3”, May 08th – Starring: Resse Witherspoon

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You might not feel like that, but it has been fifteen years since Reese took on the part of Elle Woods! Yeah, it makes me feel old as well. But, to be honest, who does not like the Legally Blonde franchise? So now, we all need a little bit of patience to see what this new Legally Blonde movie will give us – and one thing is for sure, it will definitely be super funny.


As you can see, there are various movies that you should be anticipating in 2024. Some will return us to our childhood, some might help us celebrate Valentine’s Day, but, one thing is for sure, they will all make us feel good! So, now that you know what movies you should watch in 2024, do not waste any more time and start making a list of movies that you should watch!