Where Violin Meets Popular Music: Rising Multi-Talented Artist TONG’s First Single “Honey” and His First and Upcoming Album “ON”


TONG released his first single “Honey” at the end of 2024. His single is a delightful blend of violin and pop with a hint of electronic and has a catchy hook that makes you want to sing along. TONG describes the track as “sweet and sticky”: it is a story of two lovers separating their ways and explores the topics of intimacy, dependency, and acceptance.

“Honey” is a part of his upcoming album “ON”, to be released in May 2024. TONG builds his music around the various influences from Bach to Billie Eilish to Studio Ghibli. Described as a mix between FINNEAS and FLUME, TONG is an emerging independent musician based in Hamburg who combines pop and electronic music while keeping the violin in focus.

About TONG

What is captivating about TONG is his versatility due to his artistic history. He is a former tap dance master and also a classically trained musician. While searching for a connection — between classical and pop, modern and commercial, organic electronic and contemporary dance — TONG got to experiment with new and unique blends of sounds. After being a member of the electro-acoustic band Moglebaum and playing at various clubs and festivals, he discovered his eclectic style which resulted in the release of his self-titled (under the name Tonio Geugelin) debut EP “Constant Magic” in 2017. His single “Schillerize” achieved +1 million plays on Spotify. He won the second prize at the PCM Award in 2012.

Recently, he rose up once again with the TONG title. Using his loop station and vocals, TONG creates a new and unusual blend of classical instrumentation and electronic music. His sound is rather unique, blending and bending many different forms of music together. The emotionalizing violin and vocals take the audience on a journey through passion and brilliance, and he is an artist you need to be on the watch for the upcoming years!

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