These 10 Toddler Items Will Define Summer 2024


Are you planning to restock your little one’s summer wardrobe with some new bottoms? Look no further! Let’s discover the best toddler bottoms trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere this year’s summer. The coolest part is they don’t cost a fortune.

How Covid-19 Affects Baby Fashion

The Covid-19 pandemic has a heavy impact on our world in several sections, especially the fashion industry. With nowhere to go, people now spend more time in their pajamas than they’d care to admit.

While shopping for toddler clothes, customers now prioritize comfort over style, forgoing buying fancy clothes for basic apparel. Shorts made from leather with a great deal of embellishments, for instance, are not suggested. Instead, go for toddler boy shorts made from a fabric like cotton blend.

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Top 10 Toddler Bottom Trends in Summer 2024

1. Pants/Skirts with Suspenders

These bottoms are cute and easy to mix and match with any kind of tops to create a simple yet lovely outfit. But the best thing about them is the braces that keep your toddler’s pants/skirts up all the time. They make changing clothes much easier and ensure that your baby stays in extreme comfort without any “wardrobe malfunction” throughout their day.

2. Solid Color Cotton Pants With Elastic Waist Bands

Solid and natural colors are simply cute and suitable for any casual outfit set. Meanwhile, the elastic waistbands make these pants easy to take on/put off, which is an amazing perk that both you and your baby will adore. And thanks to the cotton fabrics, you can rest assured that this kind of pants will keep your toddler in extra comfort no matter if they are at their playtime or in bed at night.

3. Shorts With Pockets

Summer for young children is all about playing and discovering everything around them. So don’t stop your baby’s curiosity, instead, let them have fun in your yard with some comfy shorts. Shorts and tank tops are the perfect combination to keep your kiddos cool and comfortable on a steamy hot day without constricting their movements. Furthermore, the extra pockets grant them some extra storage for their favorite toys or snacks to keep their fun time last longer.

4. Toddler Girl Floral Skirts/Dresses

Being casual doesn’t mean that your little princess can’t stay fabulous at the same time. In this case,  floral skirts will be a marvelous choice for your toddler girl this summer. They are simple, yes, but nothing exudes chicer than floral skirts. With this kind of bottom, your baby will be extremely cute for any photoshoot while staying cool and comfortable all day long

5. Joggers

For little boys and girls who love physical activities, joggers are a must-have in their closets this summer. This kind of pants is thin, lightweight, and flexible. Accordingly, joggers will provide your little athletic with maximum comfort and mobility to help them have fun throughout their summer day.

You can also pick the joggers with elastic waistbands or pockets to make things even more convenient for both you and your baby.

6. Cartoon Themed Shorts

The global pandemic has turned millions of parents into 24/7 caregivers and teachers, in addition to juggling their full-time jobs. Spending time watching cartoons and TV shows together is one of the best ways to keep their children entertained and educated at the same time.

Accordingly, cartoon-themed merchandise, including toddler shorts, is getting more and more trendy as kids love to dress as their favorite characters. Cartoon-themed shorts are lovely, comfortable, come in a wide range of styles, and they will surely help keep the little ones’ spirits up during this period of time.

7. Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are another essential in your toddler wardrobe this summer! This kind of shorts has a ton of advantages in both versatility and design.  Apart from being funky, they are super comfortable to wear. The attached pockets are a lovely perk. But most importantly, cargo shorts allow for easy air circulation, giving your baby a cool feel even on a steamy hot day.

Cargo shorts are normally well-stitched with a strong material so they allow the wearer to move around with ease. This makes them the perfect bottom for toddlers who love to play outdoors or play sports in the yard for their day.

8. Toddler Girl Culottes Pants

Culottes are interesting garments as they resemble both skirts and pants. While they have a simple design, culottes can be mixed and matched with different kinds of tops to create a unique style for a girl.  Among the advantages of the culotte is the ease it provides, enabling your toddler to stride and sit as easily as if she were wearing pants. Thanks to their convenience, this kind of bottom is a popular choice for a little girl’s spring-summer wardrobe this year

9. Overall Shorts

Comfortable and relaxed, overall shorts provide an easy all-in-one outfit for your toddler. Apart from being extremely convenient, there are many ways you can help your baby style these garments to their preferences. Pair them with tees and slippers/sneakers to create a comfy daily outfit, or dress them up with dramatic accessories and dark colors if you want some fancy picture of your little angel. Whatever the occasion,  overall shorts can be worn in fun and flattering ways.

10. Camo Shorts

This military-inspired style is one of the most sought styles worn by men and boys when it comes to shorts. They are loved due to their convenience, coziness, and unique outdoor experience. This popular streetwear comes in various styles, fabrics, and prints that you can pick for your toddler boy during hot summer days.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to decide what bottoms to pick up for your little kids this summer. Therefore, we hope that our list makes this task easier for you. One thing to keep in mind is to dress your little one in the right amount of items and with the right materials to protect their sensitive skin from the summer sun.