Tips to Save Your Kids from the Bad Side of Technology in 2024

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We live in an age where kids are increasingly tech-savvy and are often light-years ahead of their parents in terms of their technological knowledge and prowess. Think about how often you see kids as young as 5/6 flipping through Facebook with ease, while their parents struggle to send a text, let alone make a post.

It is no surprise since these kids have grown up practically surrounded by technology, where all the knowledge in the world is available literally at their fingertips. This ease with technology can strike fear into the hearts of many parents, but in reality, if parents learned some simple control methods, then they could embrace all that the internet can add to their family life. 

Take Control Over Resources

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The internet is full of wholesome content that the entire family can enjoy together, if you look in the right places. For example, using streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, families can now sit down and enjoy a film together, safe in the knowledge that there is something to suit all tastes. Or you could use websites like Sporcle, to add a new dimension to the family game night. By playing online board games or interactive quizzes, you can engage the kids for longer, and show them that the internet can be a fun and wholesome wellspring if you are careful. In keeping our kids safe from online dangers it is important to have preventive measures to fight against kids’ online privacy issues by checking the Safety Detectives page.

YouTube is another wonderful resource. Of course, many kids know this already, but as a parent, you can stay ahead of the curve by finding some vloggers or content creators that appeal to the whole family. You could even make watching their vlogs a new family tradition! By taking control of resources many parents can overcome their (sometimes irrational) fear of the internet, and at the same time teach their kids good internet safety habits. It really is a win-win!

Embrace the Educational Element of the Internet

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Of course, the internet is more than just an entertainment platform. It is important to teach your kids the true power of the internet as a repository of all the world’s knowledge. You should show them how to find credible information, that they can use for school projects or their own personal interests. If you do this properly, you might just inspire in them a lifelong passion for learning. Although there are undoubtedly dangers lurking on the internet, you should not overlook its power as an educational tool.

There are websites available to suit every grade, from 1st to 12th and beyond. Your kids will be amazed that they can find the answer to every question they’ve ever had on the worldwide web. You can use the internet to inspire curiosity in them, which will prove very important as they go through school. It is important that you embrace this element of the internet, instead of cowering away from it and telling them to read books! The internet can be so much richer and more engaging than dusty old encyclopedias, and kids will be naturally attracted to colorful web pages and videos. The internet is the information superhighway, and you need to teach your kids the highway code!

Use Parental Control Software

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One of the most effective ways to allow your kids to enjoy the benefits of the internet, whilst still ensuring their safety and innocence, is to use parental control software. One of the most effective and affordable options currently on the market is the Norton Family Premier Control Software. According to Komdigit, this returns control to you as a parent, while also providing you with some much-needed peace of mind. This practical piece of software offers parents the dual powers of monitoring and control, along with a host of other benefits.

Some of the features of this software are web supervision, time supervision and search supervision. This means that you can remotely see what your kids are viewing and block sites that you deem unsuitable. It also means that you can limit the amount of screen time they get or encourage them to use the computer only at certain hours. All this can be done remotely too, meaning that even when you are away you can still be a good, responsible parent!

Supervise Social Media Activities

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One of the most powerful features of Norton Family Premier is the aspect of Social Media supervision. You can view your children’s profiles, see what they’re posting and who they’re connecting with. If you use this feature properly, you can maintain an open and honest conversation with your child about their online habits and the importance of privacy and security online. This could help avoid a lot of pain in their teenage years.

There are many other features as well, such as location and video supervision. This software also has a virtual ’emergency shutdown’ procedure, known as an Instant Lock. This immediately deactivates your child’s access to the computer so it can be used when they are grounded, or simply refuse to come to dinner! 

Maintain a Frank and Honest Conversation With Your Child

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All these features are tied together in one easy to use, easy to install piece of software. It really is a must-have for any parent who wants to keep on top of their family’s internet use, and to make sure that the internet is only used for good, and not nefarious, purposes. Using this software should not be a substitute for keeping on top of the latest technology developments and social media trends. It should be a tool which helps you, not a crutch to lean on. It is important to have an active role in your child’s internet use, without being overbearing.

The remote operated, behind the scenes features of Norton Family Premier helps you to achieve this. You should also work to maintain a frank and honest conversation with your child about their internet use. Ask them questions about what apps and websites they use, and what their peers are up to online. If you can have an interested and non-confrontational approach then they are unlikely to view the internet as a medium for their teenage rebellion!

The internet is potentially a wonderful resource for learning or wholesome entertainment. At the same time, it is a potential vipers den for curious children and nefarious types keen to exploit that curiosity. Software like Norton Family Premier helps ensure you keep your family firmly on the right side of this line.