Outdoor Home Improvement Tips to Add Curb Appeal – 2024 Guide

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A recent move or renovation project can keep us overly preoccupied with working on the interiors of our new home, that oftentimes we forget to pay attention to our home’s outdoor curb appeal. It is important to maintain an attractive home exterior which includes your driveway, fixtures, and landscaping. The addition of a new flower bed, furniture to your patio, installing a new lawn from sod experts, SodLawn, or simply repainting your door and mailbox can effectively make your house look nicer, and increase its value.

Your curb appeal will determine how well your home looks when compared to other houses on your block. According to HomeHow, improving the attractiveness of your home exterior leaves a good impression on neighbors, guests, and even potential homebuyers in the future. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and patience. By giving importance to your home’s exteriors, it will not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but will keep your home safe and help you save money on future repairs.

We have listed below outdoor home improvement tips to add curb appeal.

Get green

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One of the most effective ways to increase the impact of your curb appeal is to add greenery and flowers. If you have an existing lawn, make it a point to regularly care for it by mowing the grass, watering it, and taking off leaves. Prevent weeds from creeping up to your flower beds and other plants. Visit a community nursery or seek the assistance of a professional landscaper who can suggest the right tips on how to maintain your garden and the kinds of plants and flowers that work for your garden all year round.

If you don’t have the budget to redo your entire garden in one go, start slowly by adding some new planters and window boxes. Use plants to highlight your key points outside such as windows and the entry to your driveway. An addition of a lush plant or flower arrangement to your front porch, for example, can drastically add more character and class to your space.

Let there be light

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There is nothing more depressing than coming home to a dark driveway after a long day at work. Just because it is night time, does not mean your home needs to be dark too. Adding good energy-efficient LED lighting along the exterior of your home will not only brighten it up and impress your neighbors and guests but will prove to be an efficient way to keep your home secure from any intruders.

Cleaning outside corners from dust and cobwebs around your light fixtures will immediately make the area appear more bright and clean. Consider fixing your patio lighting or invest in solar-powered lights that soak the sun’s rays by day and illuminate your space by night. This will encourage you to spend time outdoors and even be able to entertain your loved ones for a few evening drinks.

Go under the shade

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Consider investing in an outdoor shade structure and furniture to maximize the great weather and have the opportunity to relax in the fresh air. Look for reasonably priced gazebos, pavilions, or a large umbrella with a stand that can provide you shade during the day.

Not only will it serve as protection from the sun but can become your favorite spot to unwind over the weekends. Having your own shaded outdoor space to relax will let you enjoy the great weather and also encourage you to maximize the use of your home to entertain your family and guests for an outdoor barbeque or a simple Sunday lunch.

Invest in furniture and house fixtures

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Spend on a couple of deck chairs or tables that you can put in your backyard, front porch, or patio. Find furniture that can best compliment your landscaping style and home exterior colors. Invest in durable pieces that can withstand the outdoor elements. New fixtures such as a doorknob, a bright-colored mailbox, or a house sign can do wonders.

If you’re working with a tight budget, think of polishing your fixtures with any metal cleaner or add a new layer of paint to old outdoor furniture to liven it up. Accessorize with pillows or an outdoor rug to tie the look together. Don’t forget to bring your furniture inside in bad weather, to make them last longer.

Clean and fix

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Take a walk around your home’s exterior to check for any chipped paint and uneven surfaces that look faded and worn out. It might be time for a touch-up or if your bank account permits, it would be a good idea to consider repainting your entire house. Holding out on repairs and improvements will cost you more in the long run. Check the condition of the surrounding house tiles, windows, and roof.

Make sure to clear your gutters from leaves, which can lead to water accumulating in certain areas, weighing down on your roof, and leading to unwanted cracks. Wipe your windows and panels around the house regularly. Invest in a pressure washer that can help rid your outdoor fixtures of grime and dirt, and bring new life to your driveway when it becomes mossy and slick. Visit this site to learn more about them.

In closing

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Improving your home exterior may feel like a daunting task, but in reality, all it takes is a bit of creativity and perseverance to make your home look amazing.  A splash of paint, the addition of colorful flowers to your lawn, or even simply polishing the fixtures on your porch will make a difference. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but it will make you feel more safe and secure.

Be the owner of the house that stands out on your block. Not only should your home reflect your personality and taste but also be a haven both inside and out for you and your loved ones for many years to come.