Tips for Traveling with Hair Extensions

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Are you looking forward to a two-week getaway exploring an exotic locale? Perhaps you’re about to hit the road for a business trip that’ll take you away from home for a time? Ensure that you look and feel your best with clip-in extensions. These styling tools can help to add versatility to your looks, by adding the length and volume that you are looking for.

Whether you’re looking for sun-kissed beach waves or a sleek loose ponytail at a cocktail party, you’ll appreciate the added styling choices that your clip-ins can offer. Keep your extensions in tip-top shape when you’re on the road, with these tips.

Take a protective case or bag with you

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It can be tempting to just set your extensions down on a table when you take them out. According to the professionals at, the best way to keep them in good shape is to store them in a protective case or bag when they are not being worn. Be sure to only pack them up when they are completely dry and brushed out, to ensure that they stay in good condition.

If you’re traveling by plane

Air travel can have a drying effect on our hair and our skin. It can also leave us looking and feeling a bit disheveled when we to our final destination. Try to avoid flying with your clip-ins in, if you can at all avoid it. If you will be wearing them on the plane, be sure that you carry a good brush along with you in your carryon bag. Leaning your head against the headrest of your seat can result in tangles and matted hair. Brush your hair when you get an opportunity to, in order to keep it tangle-free. It can also help to pull your hair back and up into a top knot.

Don’t forget the dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo can completely save your look, no matter where your adventures may lead you to. It’s particularly useful on those travel days when you may not have easy access to a shower for a day or so. Keep your dry shampoo with you and simply spray it on your roots when you need to. Brush it out to keep your natural hair and your extensions looking refreshed.

Don’t forget the basics

Save yourself from needing to buy new styling and care tools when you get to your destination by ensuring that you pack everything you need. This should include your favorite styling tools, as many hotels may not have what you need. Be sure to pack your hairbrush or comb, hair ties, clips and perhaps even a shower cap if you feel confident wearing it in a pool or hot tub.

Hair extensions are a wonderful way for you to get the right styled look. They offer so much by way of versatility and styling options. Whether you’re looking to add length or volume, you’ll enjoy having your extensions with you when you’re on the go.