6 Transportation Tips for Getting Around In England

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Traveling is one of the most sought-after things by every individual around the world. But, there are people who try their best to travel as much as they can and those that never leave their hometowns.

If you’re one of the former, then you might want to know how to make your traveling experience less of a headache and more affordable.

One of the most nerve-racking things about visiting a new country is knowing how to get around. If you don’t know the best ways to explore the place you’re visiting, you might get stuck in traffic a lot, pay too much to get around, or miss out on sightseeing, among other things.

If you’re planning to visit England, then you should check out the following tips for getting around.

1. Train for Fast Long Distance Travel

Trains are one of the best, most scenic, and most comfortable ways to get around England. But, you should only use them when you’re traveling between cities and towns, or longer distances.

Getting around the UK using the train can also be a great way to see some of the gorgeous scenery that you can’t see from a highway. While the trains aren’t as punctual as what you may see in Japan, they surely make up for it by taking you through beautiful landscapes and giving your phone plenty of picturesque moments on the way.

Buying a train ticket can also be confusing because many train companies offer services in England. But, it is fairly easy once you get to know the best options because the ticket-buying services are all centralized. You can search your travel route, like a train from London to Manchester, online and get the information.

While they may be fast, they can also be costly if you don’t plan your travel well. You might find lower prices during off-peak times or by booking well ahead of time. On the other hand, you might have to pay more if you have to get them on the spot or in an emergency.

2. Bus for More Affordable Short and Long Distances

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If you’re traveling within the city and a short distance, you can use the term bus. But for longer distances, the buses are called coaches.

If you’re looking for affordable ways to get around or want to hop onto the iconic English double-decker, you can look into the local bus routes. Many people have the double-decker bus on their list of things to do in the UK.

If you want affordable long-distance traveling and have plenty of time, you can even get a coach to travel the country.

3. Cycles for Exploring

If you’re looking to go to more secluded areas of the country like the national parks or rural locations, then you might enjoy cycling or renting an e-scooter. Even if you’re in a busy city, you can get a cycle or use bike-sharing schemes to get around the city and beat the traffic.

If you’re not already familiar, many places have bike-sharing schemes. These allow you to rent a cycle easily through a service and pick it up at various locations that the service has around your city. When you’re done with the bike, you can park it back at one of their locations.

It’s simple, affordable, and convenient for everyone involved.

Keep in mind, only a handful of cities are cycle-friendly in England. That’s why cycling is better if you’re in towns or rural areas. You can check out the forestry and national park websites to look into bike rentals before visiting.

4. Rentals for Remote Locations

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If you’re looking to travel to less crowded or remote areas around the country, then you should consider renting a car or a motorbike. You can ask the hotel you’re staying in to rent one or look into rental agencies around England for affordable rates.

If you’re looking for affordable, you would be better off with buses, trains, taxis, and walking. Rent a car or a motorcycle only if it’s absolutely necessary because they can be expensive.

If you do find yourself needing a rental, then you should consider checking out a website that compares the rates of different companies rather than picking the biggest rental agencies. You might also have better luck finding good rates with the rental companies in airports. Even if you didn’t fly to your city, you can go to an airport using public transportation.

5. Boats for the Islands

For some places, you will have to use another method of travel because there are no roads to those locations.

Like many countries, the UK also has a great number of beautiful islands off its coasts in different areas around the region. One of the most popular spots you can go to by boat is the Isle of Wight. It has warmer weather compared to most of the UK, and the Cowes Week regatta also attracts thousands of visitors.

Another trip you could take using a boat is from North Devon to Lundy. The island is small and rocky, but the trip can be really lovely because you can see plenty of dolphins and even seals along the way.

If you aren’t strapped for time, you might also enjoy seeing parts of England on a canal boat. You can find companies that provide the service around the Grand Union Canal and the Oxford Canal.

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6. Taxis, For Anything

Unlike in many parts of the world, you will find more than one kind of taxi in the UK.

For starters, you will find licensed cabs that can easily be hailed on the street. But be careful not to yell “Taxi” on the street because they don’t stop that way. Instead, you can put up your hand and get them to stop for you.

There are also minicabs that cost less, but they can only be booked over the phone. If you’re planning everything, you can call the minicab a while before you plan to leave a certain place and save some money.

Like most parts of the world, you can also use ride-sharing apps in the major cities.