Brewery Bliss: Essential Tips for Beer Lovers Exploring the Craft Beer Scene


There are so many types of beer that even those not that fond of this great beverage will surely find something they like. Namely, there are thousands of registered brands of beer across the world, but today, craft beers are slowly taking over as they are gaining more popularity every year. It’s at least what the stats show. Now, there are plenty of reasons why craft beers are so popular, and one of the main ones is regarding the hidden gems, those breweries that are not as famous but are making some of the most tasteful and authentic craft beers. That is why going on tours designed precisely for this purpose is also highly popular today, as what better way to experience some new city, area, region, etc., than by witnessing some of the most picturesque sights while drinking your favorite (cold) beverage.

On the other hand, the one thing we simply must highlight here is that before you embark on such an amazing journey, make sure to book a ride or have a designated driver so that you can truly relax and really enjoy everything these great tours like Sedona Brewery, have to offer. Having fun and tasting beer is a great way to spend your free time, but safety always comes first. The only thing that might be troublesome is picking the right brewery to visit, and since there are so many of them, let’s check what breweries and craft beers are simply a must to check out and taste, as these guidelines should be of much help.

Prescott and the Verde Valley


One of the biggest advantages of breweries in Sedona is the sight that simply cannot be compared to any other in the world. Namely, everywhere you go, there is some unique and picturesque sight that will leave you speechless, and that, combined with some of the best craft beers, simply grants great adventure. It’s needless to say that one of those tours is Prescott and the Verde Valley, but the fact that it stands out from many other tours in this area speaks volumes about what this tour has to offer. Besides great surroundings, three local breweries are there to set the mood for your epic beer adventure. Every single one has something authentic to offer, so make sure to check all of them out, as it will be more than worth it, and since they are within one mile, it will just make this task even easier.

North Valley

Even though this area wasn’t that popular before, it has been the rising star of the craft beer community in the past couple of years. Besides the views and the ambiance, checking out four local breweries close to one another and enjoying at least one authentic craft beer will make sure you create some of the best photos and memories. On the other hand, you can always opt and go with some new brewery, and Kitsune Brewing Co. and Coriega Beer Company are definitely worth checking out. One thing is certain – there are no wrong choices.


If you are searching for great craft beer, cheap meals, and an amazing ambiance, Oak Creek Brewing Co. is the place you must visit when traveling to Sedona. The fact that this brewery has been one of the most popular places for over 25 years speaks for itself, and its rich tradition attracts many tourists and locals who enjoy spending their day in one of two locations. The first one is in West Sedona, and it is the place where all the magic happens, as here is the beer made. Another one is in Tlaquepaque, the popular dining area, and we need to mention that if you want to order the beer, you will probably need to offer some food too.

Mooney’s Irish Pub

The best way to explore Sedona is to act like a local, which implies visiting some of the popular local bars, such as Mooney’s Irish Pub. This place is not created just for tourists will all the fancy dishes and drinks, which is why many bikers, hikers, and local people can be seen relaxing there. Of course, tourists are welcome too, and whoever decides to visit this pub will not be disappointed, thanks to the tasteful craft beer they make. Besides that, they have different drinks from all over Arizona, including ciders and mead, and a food truck right next door, where guests can grab a snack. Evenings are reserved for live karaoke parties, so if you love to sing, we recommend visiting during the evening hours, as the party is guaranteed.

THAT Brewery


There is something special about family-run businesses, as we can simply feel the energy and love they have when doing what they love, and THAT Brewery is such a place where guests can relax and enjoy their day. Their craft beer is made by an experienced brewer, and since it is made on location, it is fresh, cold, and tasteful, and the ambiance is perfect to chill after a stressful day and spend some time with friends. The only small flaw is that they do not own a kitchen, so it is impossible to grab a meal, but since it is located near popular restaurants, it is impossible to remain hungry for a long time.

The bottom line

Each craft beer lover needs to visit Sedona at least once in a lifetime, as this beautiful town has a great offer of craft beers and much more to see. There are many local breweries that can brag about their products, but also amazing views from their terraces and perfect places for relaxing and enjoying the day with friends and family. We have presented you with some of the most popular ones, but there is no doubt that there are still many hidden gems to explore and visit, and even if some brewery does not seem to be well-known, they can be the best place for you, so do not hesitate to try.