10 Top Tips about Clip in Human Hair Extensions

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You can change your look and step up your hair game with

Clip in human hair extensions are a risk-free investment to boost your appearance, as they may instantly lengthen or volumize short hair.

Ensuring your clip in human hair extensions feel comfortable and look natural in your hair is crucial. Your aftercare routine will be essential to their longevity.

Here are our top 10 Milk+Blush recommendations for using clip in human hair extensions; with some practice, you’ll be an expert in no time!

1. Backcombing Your Roots

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Gently backcomb the roots before applying the hair extensions to ensure a secure fit. To avoid harming the hair, gently backcomb about an inch from the scalp using a brush with natural bristles. Use a slight spritz of hairspray at the root to give texture before clipping your hair extensions for the best hold.

2. Weft Placement

Depending on the thickness of your hair, you should leave around 1-2 cm between each row, starting with the smaller clip wefts at the nape of your neck, working your way up to the 4 clip, and volumizing weft near the top of your head.

The remaining 2-clip wefts and the single-clip sections should then be mirrored around the sides of your head. Avoid trimming clip in human hair extensions around the crown area if you have fine hair since you risk displaying the extension tracks.

3. Hiding the Bottom Section

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Excellent for people with very thick hair or short, blunt haircuts; when using clip in human hair extensions, the nape of the neck hair is more likely to stick out.

Plait or twist the bottom piece of hair and pin it into a tiny bun; try to use as few bands or hairpins as possible to prevent a noticeable natural hairline. After that, you can start by attaching your first row to this area.

4. Diagonal Placement

You should feather your hair extensions to match your style if the hair around the perimeter of your face is shorter. Place your two-clip and single-clip wefts diagonally on the hairline to create a “V” shape in your crown. This shape will often start at the top of your eyebrow and end at the peak of your head.

5. Ponytail Hack

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Want to get that incredible Power Pony? Straightforward hack: separate your hair before installing the clip in human hair extensions. The clip in human hair extensions should be applied “upside-down” rather than clipped upright, making the style easier to hold.

6. Brushing Your Extensions

When you use clip in human hair extensions, keeping your mane in tip-top shape is crucial. Your tresses will not only be spared from unnecessary breakage and more frequent replacements thanks to a decent extension-friendly hairbrush but your natural hair will also be kept in good shape.

Avoid brushing your clip in human hair extensions while damp since wet hair is more brittle and likely to break. Instead, carefully disentangle the hair, starting at the tip, and work your way up to the roots with a wide-tooth comb.

Our loop brush is a specialized extension hairbrush that prevents unneeded fallout and avoids injuring the lace weft. For your clip-in extensions, we also suggest using a TangleTeezer or WetBrush.

7. Storing Clip in Human Hair Extensions

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In addition to being recyclable, the Milk+Blush package serves as a lovely, helpful storage container for your extensions. We advise combing them through to eliminate matting and remove any knots after removing your clip-ins.

You can also use our daily maintenance Silicone Spritz spray to untangle the hair. This will make your extensions softer and increase their longevity. Use a silk or satin scrunchie to secure your clip in human hair extensions if you want to leave them in place overnight to prevent kinks or breakage.

Please avoid sleeping with your clip-in hair extensions because they could mat the hair and stress your gorgeous natural hair more.

8. Blending Sets

You can combine two hues of hair extensions if your hair has multiple tones or is between shades.

Stack the wefts on top of one another to make extra room for them around your head. This technique can also add volume or produce an Ombre effect. Use up to two rows of wefts per section if you are layering them, and clip them to a lot of hair to comfortably support the weight.

9. Washing Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Since clip in human hair extensions are not left in place or worn daily, they shouldn’t require frequent washing. If you need to wash your extensions because there is too much product buildup for a brush to remove, only use a sulfate-free shampoo. Your extensions become brittle and colorless due to sulfates robbing them of moisture.

See the list of the best shampoos for extensions here. We strongly advise against using dry shampoos on clip in human hair extensions as it can cause product buildup and dehydrate the extensions. Alternatively, you can rejuvenate your extensions with our Silicone Spritz, specially made to keep your extensions silky while promoting longer wear.

10. Styling Clip in Human Hair Extensions

We advise styling clip in human hair extensions once clipped to your hair to achieve the most natural mix possible. As you style your hair, doing this will make it easier for the ends of your natural hair to merge with the hair extensions.

When clip in human hair extensions, your natural hair may sometimes be more evident with a straighter hairdo. Style your hair into waves or curls to provide some movement for a smooth transition. Always use the heat-protectant spray; we advise pin curling the hair for further hold. The most straightforward styling tool for someone who has never used hair extensions is a curling wand.