7 Things To Do In Rome – 2024 Guide

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Rome is one of the places that you should probably consider visiting for your vacation. There is a famous saying about Rome that goes like “One lifetime is not enough”. However, you can have the best life experiences, while visiting Rome wither with friends or family, or even when you are having the adventure all by yourself. Just to mention, Rome has over nine hundred churches, fifty monumental fountains, seven famous hills and uncountable works of art. This means that there are tons of activities that you can engage in while visiting Rome, some of which include the following;

Walk in the Park

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This is one of the adventures that are refreshing and easy to do while in Rome. Walking in Rome is breath taking and calming especially since there are a lot of green spaces among the churches and cobblestone. You can just walk with your friends or family as you enjoy the beautiful views and take pictures which you will show your generations to come. This should be an easy to do task, because as you are walking in this paradise, there are other people touring it too, making it even much more fun. The tours of Rome are worth dying for and given a chance to go to Rome, make good use of it and explore.

Visit the Pantheon

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This is also another thing that you should not fail to do while in Rome. The Pantheon will never disappoint you come rain or sunshine. It is one of Rome’s most ancient intact structures where you can watch the sun move or the rain fall through the oculus. In addition to that, the Pantheon roof is one of the single largest, unreinforced concrete domes in the whole world. Your tour of Rome is not anything if you leave without seeing the sun move and rain fall from this building.

Visit the Colosseum

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Well, this is one of the places where most people tour when they are in Rome. This is because the Colosseum is one of the most renowned and iconic landmark in the world. Your tours of Rome are not complete if you do not visit the Colosseum. If you are not sure how to tour this place while in Rome then you can rely on carpediemrome.com, tours of Rome, to give you an outstanding tour experience in Rome. This is mainly because most of the people who have visited Rome have attested to the fact that they had an amazing tour with this tour site. The Colosseum was used to hold games, gladiator tournaments and all the other forms of entertaining activities, and these activities would be attended by the Roman emperors.

St. Peter’s Square

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In your tours of Rome, you will realize that Rome holds a small country within a country known as the Vatican. This is an independent state and is one of the most religious sites in the world. St. Peter’s square is also an iconic place where many significant events have taken place. One fun fact that most people do not know is that the square is actually circular is shape. Most people think that it is a square because it has a square shape. In addition to that, St. Peter’s Square is framed by two huge sets of colonnades, and standing on these columns are beautiful statues of various religious figures and previous popes. Therefore, this is a must-go when you are planning to visit Rome.

Trevi Fountain

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This fountain is one of the lavishly decorated and sculptured fountains in the world. It was constructed in the year 1762, and the fountain pays tribute to the Roman god Oceanus, who can be seen riding a chariot pulled by Tritons and taming several hippocamps. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art that you will see while in Rome.

Consequently, Romanians have made it a tradition to throw coins into the water over your shoulder for good luck, although trying to do so next to hundreds of other tourists can be slightly difficult. However, it will not cause any harm to you if you try this amazing theory. Who knows, this may be your best shot at being lucky at something.

Sistine Chapel

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This is another part of the Vatican museum complex that is one of the most renowned religious chapels in the world. It has a good amount of detail and iconography. This chapel was extensively restored in the 1400s and is the place where new popes are selected. Furthermore, this is one of the most famous places in Rome because of its extensive details and decorations, including the last judgment fresco by Michelangelo and the artwork in the ceiling. These two pieces of artwork are considered to be the most influential and important in religious history.

Villa Borghese Gardens

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The Borghese garden is another amazing site that you should visit while in Rome. This garden is located within the Borghese Villa complex. It provides a welcomed respite from the abundance of historical architecture found in Rome. It is the third largest park in Rome, and the garden covers just under 200 acres of land, and contain the Borghese gallery.

Moreover, you can also find other various paths and trails that lead through the extensive arrangements of plant life and trees, and landscaped areas of the garden with flower arrangements, beautiful water bodies and fountains.

In summary, there are various things that you can do while in Rome. Visiting the beautiful areas named above are just some of the things that you can engage in while enjoying your stay in Rome. One of the major advantages of visiting these places is that you can just walk while in Rome to see some of these beautiful sceneries, and it is even more fun if you are in a group. This is the place to go when looking to create memories with your loved ones. Therefore, Rome has many different places that you can visit and take pictures.