These are the Best Homall Gaming Chairs Available

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Homall is a popular furniture brand that mostly deals in various types of chairs and garden furniture. In this article, we will go over some of their best and most comfortable gaming chairs. These amazing chairs will make any room look better and more oriented towards gaming, and some are even good for regular offices because of the comfort and ergonomics they offer. Plus, all of their core, base, and cushioning materials are top quality. Read on to learn more.

  1. 2019 Gaming Chair Racing Style

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The newest edition to their slate is an upgraded version of their bestseller ergonomic model. It is a highly stylish and fashionable chair that features stitching, patchwork, embroidery, multiple colors, and overall great design. Colors are white, black and red. This 360-degree rotating chair offers to rock, and it can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees backward. What is more, the armrest is adjustable as well. Also, there are height adjustments and detachable headrest and lumbar cushions.  The chair supports 300lbs, it is made of PU leather, and it has 5 wheels. Lastly, the thicker seat padding and cushions surrounding you will offer great comfort for the longest of gaming sessions.

  1. Gaming Chair with Footrest

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The second chair on the list is quite similar to the first. Although it is an older model, it has a unique feature, that being the footrest that is situated under the sitting area. This footrest can be pulled up from underneath the seat, after which you slide it out. It is very comfortable to rest your legs in this position. Also, there are two cushions, one at the headrest, and another for lumbar support. Maximum supported weight is 300lbs. There are multiple combinations with the base black color, including red and blue. Height and armrests are both adjustable, and so is the tilt from 90 to 180 degrees. The material, like the last, is PU leather. If you are looking for a multi-function gaming chair, look no further.

  1. Base Model Gaming Chair

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The base model of the Homall brand is this racing style chair. It is available in numerous different color schemes, has lumbar and headrest pillows, and everything on it is adjustable. It is essentially the older model of the first entry on our list. Therefore, everything applies to it too, but since it is an older model, it is cheaper. It supports 300lbs, it is made of PU leather, and it has two cushions.

  1. Gaming Chair without Cushions

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This is a somewhat smaller racing style gaming chair. It does not have the two pillows other ones have, and since it is smaller, it is perfect for kids. One thing it has that others do not are padded armrests for additional comfort. These, as well as the tilt and height, are adjustable. Multiple color options are there to choose from as well. Maximum supported weight is 280lbs, and the cushions are larger and thicker than other similar chairs. If you do not need a serious gaming chair like the previous three, but still want a racing style gaming chair for your room, you will not make a mistake purchasing this one.

  1. Gaming Recliner Chair

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Last but not least, here is something a bit different. This gaming recliner chair is for those looking for the highest comfort levels while enjoying their favorite games. Since it is not a regular desk chair, it is best for console gaming in the comfort of your living room. Many different designs are available. Regarding the features, the chair has a thick headrest, a sunken backrest, a built-in lumbar support cushion, and an adjustable footrest that can be raised. What is more, the back also tilts from 90 degrees, all the way back to 180, so you can even take a nap in it. On the left-hand side, there is a compartment to store books, newspapers, DVDs, or the remote. Material is PU leather, and the whole chair feels strong and sturdy. The best thing about this chair is that it is basically an armchair, so it will fit well in any living room.