The Wedding Kilts; Wear On Your Big Day To Steal The Show

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Do you think that only Scottish people wear kilts? You got it all wrong!

Kilts have risen in popularity these days as people have become more creative about their wedding themes. When it comes to weddings, couples want to do something different and unique. If you are one of them, then kilts are the best as an alternative grooms wear, even if you are not from Scotland. If you are a true Scot, then this gorgeous garment on your special day will make you proud of your Scottish heritage.

A traditional look at your wedding:

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A Kilt is a symbol of pride for Scotland. They have been wearing this gorgeous outfit for centuries. It is a garment that represents the identity of Scottish people.

Your big day is almost near, and you have decided to pay homage to Scottish lineage by wearing a kilt on your wedding. What can be better than wearing a kilt in your clan tartan on your wedding? Don’t forget to pick matching cufflink, flashes, and other accessories including belts, buckles, and pins if you want to check some kilts available on the market, visit

For non-Scottish people, a tradition inspired style is the best that does not acknowledge a specific clan. Tweed and Prince Charlie kilt jackets will surely make a great statement. Choose a traditional look at your wedding and showcase your unique style.

A modern look at your wedding:

With the wedding season coming up, you will be busy planning to make your big day even more special. You do not want to pick a formal black suit on your wedding day. You want to wear something that looks amazingly different.

Do you not want a traditional look? No problem at all! A neatly cut tweed kilt jacket with a slim fit herringbone necktie is a perfect choice. Go for the style and the design you like.

Why wear wedding kilt?

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A kilt is one of the manliest outfits on the face of the earth. It is the national dress of Scotland, and Scottish and Irish people wear it proudly. It is the best garment to be worn on formal and semi-formal occasions. Be it a sports event or your wedding, wearing a kilt is the best way to showcase your love to your culture and heritage.

You want to make your wedding day memorable, and for this, you have planned everything from the venue to the speech. But deciding what to wear on the big day seems a daunting task, especially when numerous options are available.

Wearing a traditional Scottish dress at your wedding is the best way to surprise your fiancée (the bride to be). When you get out of the car, every eye would be on you. If you are wearing a tartan representing your clan, then it will be definitely a proud moment for you.

Accessories to be worn with a wedding kilt:

A kilt is more than a suit for Scottish people as it is a symbol of their freedom and pride. So, whenever you wear them, wear them with respect. Traditionally a wedding has been a quite formal occasion, and Prince Charlie kilt becomes the first choice of many.

With the more relaxed cultural conventions, people are free to decide what they should wear on their big day. No matter what type of kilt you choose to wear on your wedding, the following are the accessories that are worn along this gorgeous traditional garment:

  • Sporran:
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The sporran is a part of a male Scottish dress. Your outfit is incomplete without a sporran. It is the most visible accessory you wear with the traditional Scottish dress, so make sure you make the right choice. Typically a sporran has a metal top and a fur body.

  • Flashes:
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Choose flashes in the color that compliments your outfit. You can choose flashes in the same tartan as your kilt too. Don’t know what these flashes are for? The flashes are tiny decorative fabric pieces that are attached to the top of the hose. They help to hold up your hose.

  • Kilt pins:
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You want to make your fantastic outfit more stylish then pins are the right option. A kilt pin is worn on the lower corner of the outer apron. It prevents the apron from falling. It is mainly a decorative item to be worn with a kilt.

  • Sgian Dubh:
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It is a knife that is kept in the hose. The tradition is that when you visit someone’s house, you reveal the weapon and tuck it into your hose. It means you are a friend and do not want to attack anybody. Remember, only the outer part (handle) of the knife should be visible. If you are wearing a kilt on your wedding, then purchase a Sgian Dubh that has some gems on the handle.

  • Footwear:
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No matter what type of outfit you pick for your wedding, it is incomplete without a nice pair of footwear. What should a groom wear this skirt like a dress? You should wear a nice pair of brogues. Be it a ghillie brogue or buckle brogue complement your look with a set of hose. Do not forget the fact that your hose should be according to the color of your tartan.

  • Fly Plaid:
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Fly Plaid is not a necessary part of the dress. It is a piece of cloth attached to the jacket and is draped over the shoulder. You can choose not to wear a fly plaid if you do not want. It is for the central figures at a wedding that includes:

  • Groom
  • Bride’s father
  • Best man

Summing Up:

A wedding is indeed a big day in everyone’s life. No matter you are a groom or groom mate, make sure you choose the right size of a kilt for the wedding. It will definitely make you distinct from all the people present at the function.