The Protection Gears You Should Put On When Playing Soccer

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Soccer is the most popular sport in this world; it’s suitable for both gender and all ages. But when participating in sports activities, there is a chance that you may get injuries such as sprains or twisted leg, especially in a high-intensity game with a lot of impact situations like football.

Therefore, do yourself a favor, let’s put on protection accessories when you go on the pitch. You don’t want to sit in a wheelchair or a bed for a month just because you don’t take care enough for yourself. So do you know how many equipments that you should wear? And what are their functions?

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Four main protective gears for a soccer player

The knees sleeves

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When you play soccer, your knee is vulnerable to get hurt, because much of your body
weight is concentrated on your knee joint. Furthermore, your knee is a hinge joint. It only
moves in one direction, rather than rotating, like your hips or arms.
As a result, knee injuries are all too common. The most common parts of your knee that can
tear are:

  • Meniscus –the spongy tissue that cushions the joint between the bones
  • Cartilage –the semisolid tissue that covers the bone, acting like shock absorbers
  • Various tendons and ligaments

Plus, even if nothing tears, tissues can overstretch, resulting in sprains and strains. So, it’s
very important to take good care of your knees. In this case, that means knee sleeves. You
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Get a Pair of Knee Sleeves

Knee injuries can often be quite severe. You could be out of action for several months. In the worst case, you could have permanent damage, and never be able to play again! To prevent such a bad injury to your knees, you should seriously consider getting a knee compression sleeve or knee brace to provide effective protection.

Try it, you will see the rate of injury will drop markedly when you use this product. The knee sleeves are like an armor layer to protect your knee from direct contact with the ground surface. This equipment has excellent elasticity, which helps the knee to be fixed when performing complicated operations such as turning the ball, rotating your body directly on the running process.

If you accidentally get a knee injury, wearing this accessory will help you fix the knee joint, reducing body weight pressure on the knee joint and supporting the recovery process. Also, in the case of knee joint injury, you can use products such as Dona.

The leg guard (shin guard)

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Along with the knee, the shin (or tibia) is a part of your body that often collides hard. The tackles, when trying to get the ball with your opponent, can cause bruising bumps or even broken shins.Therefore, the leg guard is the most indispensable protection accessory of the players.This equipment is usually fixed to the shin by tying a string or clamp in long socks.The outer surface is a high durability plastic that has a functional bearing capacity. Besides, the smooth inlaid design can reduce the force affecting your shin.

The inside surface is 5mm thick porous, dense and extremely smooth, with many breathable holes arranged along the body, making players feel comfortable when wearing on the pitch.Although it can protect you from high impact, it is still a piece of light-weight equipment. A typical leg guard’s weight is about 90 grams, so you don’t feel any trouble to wear it on running. Depending on the age and size of your legs, you should choose a suitable pair of shin guards.

Ankle brace

An ankle brace is a fantastic product are used to protect and fix the ankles, avoiding the ankle injury when playing soccer or any exercisés that use the ankle.These products are usually made from elastic stretch cotton fabric with four dimension technology, so it has good ventilation that makes bring users the most comfortable when used.

Ankle support gear

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Besides, it is also lightweight, so you will not face any trouble when putting it on.This ankle support gear not only protect your ankle from hard impact, but it also supports you to recover from sprain after exercising. You can also use ankle brace after the ankle surgery to ensure the stability, increase fast recovery, and avoid re-injury.

Soccer shoes

Of course, it’s a big miss if you do not count the soccer shoes on this list. Playing football on artificial grass can make it difficult to run and get balance if you don’t put on the right shoes. A soccer shoe is designed to protect your feet when playing football from sharp objects that may lie on the pitch surface. The material outside the shoes helps you get a better feeling when the ball faces your feet, making you pass or kicking the ball more accurately.

When you first choose shoes, you may it is smaller than typical shoes. Don’t worry about this, the fitted form brings your feet the sensitive feeling, creating certainty when moving and kicking. For those who love beauty, then soccer shoes are very diverse in color even though it made for sporty activity. There are many models has a harmonious and dedicated model, attracting people right from the first time seeing. The manufacturers usually provide shoe soles a rubber nail system, which helps the player to run, stay balanced on most of the artificial grassy pitch. Also, it is good to mention that a lot of people play football indoors, and for that you must find the best indoor soccer shoes, so check this comparison and see what’s best for you.

Wrapping up

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All the equipment on the list above are the most powerful gear to protect you from bad injuries. You may think you just an amateur player, so you don’t need full of these protective gear, but accidents can happen even in a normal match with your friends.

So let’s do a favor for your body, don’t make it get more hurt, put on carefully all the necessary gear before starting a game. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends.