The Online Casino Bonuses: What They Are and How to Use Them

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What do you know of online casino bonuses? A scam? Eligible rewards? Something that you have not perhaps considered using? Well, this guide is going to reveal what online casino bonuses are really all about. If you think they are a scam, you might reconsider, if you think they are fair and fine, then you may want to read the small print. And if you have not thought about using them, well, you may reconsider.

All you need to know is shared right here, so that next time you play online or join a new online casino, you will know exactly what is being waved in your face and whether or not to take the big fat juicy bait that wiggles on the massive hook.

The online casino bonus

Casino bonuses are a luxury that exists in every online casino. From the many promotions that illuminate the gambling sites throughout the world wide web, you can find an array of deals that give you extra cash to play with and free spins to enjoy.

There are bonuses specifically aimed at new players that sign up and there are rewards for ongoing long-serving members. It is, in fact, all about attracting players into the business and keeping them there, and every business tries to do this.

When it’s casinos the taboo of gambling seems to add a certain evil to any and every aspect of service. If the games aren’t rigged, then the bonuses are a scam.

Well, perhaps we need to go back to the beginning as look at how casino bonuses are made available if they are something worth avoiding.

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Should casino promotions be used?

Going back to the beginning it’s easy to forget how casinos are able to get online. Before being licensed, operators need to spend years and a lot of money in that time to meet codes of conduct and requirements in order to pass for their license. It is by no means an easy task.

When it comes to producing bonuses, these are check over by regulatory inspectors to make sure compliance is still being held when offering casino members bonuses and rewards. They must be fair and clear in their terms. Should they fail, regulators and licensing bodies like the MGA will fine them hundreds of thousands and potentially strip them of their license.

Here are the thoughts on the subject from Ingerlise Dalen, Editor-in-Chief at, a sitethat offers Norwegian players exclusive bonus content from the top casinos online in Norway which you can visit here.

“It can be very easy to be sceptical of anything offer a casino gives because what is the benefit of giving players money to then win more money, in a business sense it makes no sense. The fact is, you do get what the offers state, but there are rules to this that many players do not bother researching. We tell our Norwegian users as often as we can to read the terms and to only use bonuses if you are happy with them and feel that there is a potential profit to be gained by using the bonus.”

Bonus terms and conditions

It would be a fair judgement to state that not every player online looks into the terms and conditions of online bonuses. The dive to gamble online is all about the action and entertainment that comes of it and if anything is won, that’s the added bonus.

But take a few minutes to read just one set of terms and conditions that come from online casino bonuses, and you might start understanding and seeing a bigger picture at play here.

Though casinos are different and so too are the bonuses they produce for their members, there are key elements that can be found throughout all optional offers that cover the core of the final bonus you receive.

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  1. Deposits: You will be informed of what the minimum and maximum deposit values are if payment is required to activate the reward offered.
  2. Reward: You will be notified of what bonus you receive relative to the deposit you make.
  3. Games: You will be given a list of eligible games that can be used with the bonus.
  4. Withdraw: You will learn of the wagering requirements that tell you the total cost to be played before you can withdraw winnings.
  5. Expiry: Notification of the bonus’s end date.

Now, there is a lot going on in all of that, but it is essential you know.

Not, all casino bonuses are free, in fact, a very small percentage are. Most casino bonuses are deposit bonuses, requiring you to pay first before the bonus becomes activated. You don’t have to always pay the full deposit as you are given a range that you can pay from and up to.

The size of your bonus return is relative to the amount you deposited. Those putting in more will get a higher return. There are also bonuses that allow you to make numerous deposits over time that help to recoup the larger bonus return.

Not every game is eligible to play with a bonus because the bonuses are all different. For example, you obviously cannot use free spins on sports betting games. Yet, players should not just assume that free spins are just for slots, when they can be used on other virtual games like scratch cards and bingo.

The most important factor is the wagering requirement terms and this highlights the ‘catch’ so to speak. The ‘What’s in it for the casino’ element of the bonus structure is the wagering requirement. Now, the wagering requirement will vary from bonus to bonus, and it is a multiplier score. The average is 35 x. Times what though?

Well, it is times the bonus money you received. And should you win any money with it, you must pay the multiplier of the bonus money first before winnings can be withdrawn.

So, if the casino is going to give you a whopping one-thousand-dollars to play with, then it’s no loss to them because should you win any money from it, you would need to pay in and play 35,000 before it can be withdrawn. Now, this wagering multiplier can be as low as 5x or as high as 75x. So, it is in your interest to read the terms and conditions should you use any bonus, even the bonuses without wager requirements.

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Different casino bonuses you can use

So, what are the most commonly available bonuses online? Well, there are four key bonuses out there and each casino will present them differently across a range of deals. The standard rewards are cash and spins, unless you plan on joining VIP clubs within the casino to land holiday packages and event tickets, all rewards are cash and spins.

The packaging of the deals is all that changes along with their terms and conditions.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is an exclusive offer that is made for new players. It is very much a device to attract players into a casino, given it’s the largest form of bonus you will find online. The bonus itself can either be a cash allowance or free spins, some casinos do at times offer players both.

There are some specialist bitcoin welcome bonuses but it is advised to only use these promotions inside of casinos that are actually built to handle the crypto payment. Most casinos are not, and any BTC deposited are then converted into USD and the charge for the conversion is on the player. Not only that, but winnings are then paid back in USD. So, look for specialist BTC casinos to get the better rewards.

No deposit bonus

A bonus like this requires no payment in order to activate the offer. No deposit bonuses are rare, but they are out there. You can land some spins or cash credit. They will not be the largest amount going, but they are free. They can appear as exclusive offers from reputable comparison sites and as standard welcome bonuses.

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Free spins bonus

Free spins allow you to play games, but not necessarily for free. This bonus type can be packaged in many ways but are only ever free if claiming a no deposit bonus or a loyalty bonus. The number of spins you get is all relative to the bonus type. You can get 5 free spins through no deposit bonuses, and then 500 spins through a deposit bonus. The size will vary between the promotions but will always be a regular feature of any promotional service.

Loyalty bonus

The loyalty bonus is more of a thank you reward from the casino acknowledging the fact that you’re still a member and continue to use their services. The rewards are added to your account randomly, they can be weekly, but the majority of casinos do them monthly.

Some of the bonuses are free giving you a few free spins or some money for games or sports betting. They are often tailored to your favorites games, so they are not put to waste.

And that is all there is to online casino bonuses. There are no obligations, there are a varied assortment of offers and always, always read the terms and conditions so you can understand what you may or may not chose to use.