The New Market of Cannabis cosmetics

The New Market of Cannabis cosmetics

Cannabis is a plant known for thousands of years that have been helping humans with its medicinal properties to support the human body to heal itself. The last few years not only we hear more often news related to Marijuana and various health conditions that treat, but we also see that this amazing plant has begun to be used within the beauty industry.

Cannabis might hold the “next hot, beauty ingredient”, that may have a similar impact on the beauty industry similar to the effect that aloe or shea butter once had.

Nowadays cbd is used by several brands in several cosmetic products including facial oils, mascaras and moisturizers and several beauty labels (like Sephora for example) launch now special cannabis-infused cosmetics.

The New Market of Cannabis cosmetics

CBD is one of the most discussed ingredients of Cannabis that provides many of the benefits (like pain relief and anxiety reduction) without the psychoactive properties that make one feel “high”. This makes it appealing for a wide range of people and as CBD isn’t psychoactive, it’s much easier to legally incorporate into new products.  Not many years ago,a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, has shown that Cannabidiol can drastically reduce acne.  Moreover, Cannabidiol seems to activate the receptor that is proven to offer skin benefits. Some of those benefits are the treatment of Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis, it is antipruritic and gives an improved moisturization.

Cannabidiol can be easily extracted from almost all parts of the plant, like fibers, flowers, stalk, and seeds and it seems to have some serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in many conditions the human skin, heals injuries and makes one’s wrinkles smoother.

Estée Lauder was another one of the most mainstream companies of cosmetics that created a Cannabis product. The cannabinoids, a group of active chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant stimulate a natural and healthy balance in our bodies.

It has, among others, antiviral and antibacterial properties, so it works to address several skin issues, like cold sores and psoriasis and eczema. While there is more research to be done, the existing anecdotal evidence shows that CBD has serious healing potential. CBD soothes our skin by binding to a set of receptors located in the skin and it helps with disturbing symptoms of pain, itch, and heat. Cannabinoids have also antioxidant properties and their use reduces swelling, and soreness.

Until 1937, the year that Cannabis was prohibited, one could find its elixir on every pharmacy. After many decades of prohibition, it’s time that a new Legal Cannabis market is growing and due to the increased demand for its medicinal and cosmetic use, the CBD industry is expected to reach an estimated value of $22bn by 2022.

The New Market of Cannabis cosmetics

There’s been a shift in attitude in the way in which people perceive Cannabis, and legal cannabis companies offer many quality products (look here). The Cannabis Plant is now viewed as the source of a legal product. People started seeing it as a lifestyle and a wellbeing ingredient.

The CBD that is derived from Hemp is legal in many countries and all states, but the marijuana-infused products(those that contain the psychoactive compound THC) are regulated at a state level but are not legal at a Federal level.



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