The Most Common Usage Of Rubber Grommets

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Rubber grommets are mostly round rings that are inserted into the holes of metal materials to prevent them from wearing, tearing, or abrasion. While the material that they are mostly used to protect is metal, they can also be used for wires, cables, and tubes. Other uses from grommets are to soften the sharp edges of products to make them more safe for usage.

The main reasons as to why rubber grommets are used across multiple industries are due to their weather-resistant properties, high-temperature resistance, wear-resistance properties, chemical-resistance properties, durability, ability to stay in place, and ease of installation. It’s all of these properties that make their usage so common across multiple industries. When we talk about grommets, there are predominantly three types that stick out from the rest. Those are:

1. Open Rubber Grommets

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The main use of these is to protect the openings of pipes, cables, and wires that are all passing through metal panels and other parts. They are predominantly, although not exclusively, made out of neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, silicone, or natural rubber material. Rubber is the main material since it has anti-vibration properties that are very much needed across multiple industries.

2. Blind Rubber Grommets

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Blind rubber grommets are widely used to fill in the holes of mostly metal panels, and the type of rubber used to make these grommets mostly accommodates thicker metal panels. Same as the above-mentioned, they are widely used due to their versatility and anti-vibration purposes.

3. Semi-Blind Grommets

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These ones can be used as both open and blind grommets. Semi-blind grommets from have membranes that are thick enough to give the material or part a good seal, but at the same time thin for you to puncture through them if cables and wire need to move through the puncture hole.

Common Uses of Rubber Grommets

· The Automotive Industry

We mentioned that rubber grommets are mostly used to protect parts from wearing, tearing, and abrasion, and that’s precisely what the automotive industry needs. They are mostly used to protect engine parts, due to their temperature and vibration resistance. However, they can also be used for other car parts which allow the car to turn and operate better. They also improve the longevity of the parts that they are used with.

· Wire and Cable Protection

Across multiple industries, wires and cables oftentimes need to be installed and they require proper protection from abrasion, vibration, and sharp edges. This is where rubber grommets can help you, especially if the wire and cables need to go through certain metal parts. Having the ability to protect wire and cable from being cut, friend, or damaged, means that the components themselves can last longer.

· Heavy Machinery

We can’t emphasize enough how important these parts can be for the safe operating of certain machinery. Factory machinery is oftentimes subjected to lots of heavy usages every single day. These components can be used to make sure that each and every single machinery across dozens of industries works precisely as they’re supposed to, making the entire operating process nice and smooth.