The Guide to Remote Control Butt Plugs: How and Why to Use Them

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Want anal stimulation, but feel that “normal means” aren’t enough? Maybe anal sex or fingering isn’t good enough for you. Maybe you need extra intensity to achieve the satisfaction you desire.

If so, keep reading. We’ll give you a guide into the use of Svakom Julie remote control anal plug. We’ll show you how they work, and how to use them properly!

First – Design

Butt plugs solve a couple of problems that “anal sex” doesn’t deal with. The first is the firmness. Because maybe your partner’s erection isn’t strong enough to put pressure on your prostate. Or, maybe their penile girth isn’t wide enough for the job. A butt plug deals with those issues. It’s naturally thick, and it’s quite firm (even when made from soft materials). It makes applying pressure easy. Plus, it frees up your partner for other forms of stimulation.

Second – Simultaneous Stimulation

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For women, a butt plug lets you enjoy anal pleasure and regular intercourse at the same time. The double enjoyment might be the level of intensity you need for pleasure. You can have your partner pleasure you in one hole, while your toy takes care of the other!

For Women: Multiple Uses

A butt plug can actually function as a g-spot stimulator. Most butt plugs are designed with a slant to them. This ensures that the toy applies pressure to your anal cavity while reaching the prostate. Plus, this toy also works well for vaginas. A butt plug’s slant can push upwards into the g-spot. And this provides the concentrated pleasure that doesn’t come from regular intercourse, or fingers!

Applies to Gay Couples Too

Butt plugs are excellent for providing prostate stimulation. You can be in a position where you are using a butt plug while grinding into your partner too!

Next: How to Use the Toy

One of the pros of a butt plug is the lack of a learning curve. If you’ve used a regular vibrator before, then butt plugs should be simple. The guidelines for using it are straightforward. The only difference is, there is a “remote control involved.”

The Guidelines

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First, apply lubrication, and use lots of it. If it’s your first time, vigorous use is necessary. Your anal walls might not be used to the firmness of a toy pushing through.

Second – never use a numbing cream. Sure, you want pleasure. But you also don’t want to “shut down pain signals” from a damaged anal wall.

Pain exists for a reason, and that is – it alarms us when we’re putting too much pressure on our tissues. And the last thing you need is anal bleeding and soreness!

Use the Toy Slowly

Start off in a comfortable position (lay on your back, or sideways). The goal here is to adapt your anal walls to the toy. You need to get it used to the toy fitting in. Take your time experimenting. Try to see the amount of pressure that you can handle. From there, you can try slowly pushing the toy up and down, thus stimulating your prostate. As for vibration, you should wait a while before activating it. You want to loosen up your anal walls before adding extra pressure. And speaking of vibration…

How to Use a Remote

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Know what’s amazing about a remote control butt plug? It’s the amount of control you get. You don’t have to “reach around your body” to use the toy. You can opt to keep it inside (without sliding in/out) and just work with the vibration. And you get to control the intensity. If you feel the need to work slowly, you can do that. And if you want a powerful sensation, then you can do that too!

Final Tip: Pick a Good Model

A good butt plug is sturdy, lasts long, and doesn’t break down fast. There are many models on the market to pick from. So we recommend taking the time to explore, before settling on an option!