Best Mattresses in India 2024

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Comfort is, understandably, the most important quality people look for in a mattress, but for getting quality sleep and enough rest, other factors such as the type, size, and firmness should also be considered. Even your body weight and sleeping position play a role.

And since people’s lives have become increasingly fast-paced and busy, many individuals tend to overlook the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. It not only helps our body recuperate, but it is also important for our mental health, cognitive skills such as memory and concentration, not to mention, that it can also greatly affect our mood throughout the day.

All these reasons make sleeping well and enough essential and having a great, high-quality mattress can greatly contribute to this. So, if you are wondering which one is optimal for you, here are the best sleeping surfaces in the country that will surely be some of the most popular next year.

1. Emma Original Memory Foam

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The mattress is a highly awarded one that is already extremely popular in Europe. It allows great body alignment, making it perfect for people with several different types of backaches. This organic product has great temperature control and breathability and it comes in 4 different sizes that include single, double, king, and queen.

It is one of the few that comes with a 20-year long warranty in the country and it even offers a test trial period of 100 days. It is useful in extremely hot weather and it is the most eco-friendly type available in India.

2. WakeFit Orthopedic Memory Foam

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This extremely popular product comes in several thickness options but generally has a medium firmness to it. The high-density memory foam is optimal for people suffering from lower back pains, meaning it is especially great for women who are pregnant.

Since it supports the neck quite well, one is able to sleep comfortably and peacefully throughout the night without even a trace of restlessness. This product is another one that has a warranty that lasts 20 years.

3. SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam

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The high-quality gel memory foam provides excellent flexibility, making this product an optimal choice for individuals looking for relaxation during their slumber. The orthopedic sleeping surface includes cotton covers with zippers which give it a stylish appearance.

Due to its design, it perfectly traces the shape of one’s body, giving the user great support throughout. Thanks to the cooling crystals technology, it also regulates body temperature the entire night and not only in certain sleep intervals.

If you are interested in learning more about this mattress or would like to read about other household gadgets, devices, products, and their reviews, websites such as Uerc offer you an opportunity to do so.

4. Shagun 4-inch Foam

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The high-density foam and filling give off a luxurious effect while providing ultimate comfort. The cover fabric is smooth and comes in a variety of colors as well. The product actually strikes a perfect balance between softness and firmness.

Since it is an innerspring type, the springs undergo a special treatment so that they do not rupture any of the product’s layers. Its design also keeps away dust mites, bed bugs, and microbes while giving your body and back full support. However, it might be a bit overpriced when compared to its quality.

5. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam

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Probably the product that offers the most comfort, it prevents sagging by incorporating additional support at the edges of the sleeping surface. Having a reputation of being the best queen mattress in the country, it is considered a larger option by traditional standards.

You will get a cradle-like experience with full-body support, great temperature control, and a premium quilted cover, all with a 5-year warranty.

6. Urban Ladder DreamLite Bonnell Spring

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Even though the innerspring design provides great body support, the unique foam cover provides extra softness. The product is generally extremely light thanks to the Bonnell springs, meaning that it also has great breathability.

The entire design prevents one from tossing and turning during sleep, ensuring your body is well-rested in the morning. There is no sagging and the springs are also corrosion-resistant.

7. ExtraSleep Coir Mattress

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It contains rubberized coir (fiber from the outer coconut husk), polyurethane (PU) foam, and premium cotton fabric. It is a more affordable option that prioritizes comfort above everything else. The coir helps maintain great body posture throughout the night, but the other materials give the product great breathability and temperature control.

8. WakeFit Dual Comfort

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Both sides of this mattress can be used since they offer different effects and comfort levels. You can use the dual sides according to weather or your preference and requirement. The side with medium firmness is great for all seasons except winter. This is when the firmer side is a better option.

What About Organic Non-Toxic Mattresses?

If you are an environmentally-conscious person who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, opting for an organic product might be the best option for you. Although these types tend to be heavier and pricier than others, they also offer several benefits. It is also really great for people who suffer from allergies and it is a product that will last you 20 years if not more.

Does My Sleeping Position Matter?

It might not be the most important factor, but it is necessary to consider your sleeping position when buying a new mattress. This is because when your body is in different positions, it also needs different levels and types of support.

For people who love sleeping on their stomach or back, a suitable product would be a firm one. For people who prefer their side, medium-firm to soft options are the best while just medium-firm ones are perfect for people who sleep in more than one position.


Each of these products has its set of advantages and drawbacks, so take your time and think carefully before making a purchase. Once you find the one that is most suitable for you, you will surely see the benefits it has to offer as soon as you start using it.