The Best Bluetooth Projectors on the US Market

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Do you need a projector that you can carry around easily? Well, only a few years ago most of the people avoided using them because of their weight, and carrying them around wasn’t so comfortable. Today, projectors evolved so much that you can carry them around with ease. You will have no problem with that whatsoever. They can be carried both in a pocket or a bag. It doesn’t matter if you are going to some event or business meeting. Their designers put in a lot of effort so you can enjoy their product much more than you enjoyed in the past. We can agree that the new design of these devices is a work of art. They are both effective and compact.

Most of them have certain features that will provide you with all the necessary quality you need for everyday use. For example, these features will increase the quality of the image, provide you with the opportunity to connect it with various other devices, enhances wireless connections. All of these qualities are combined in a small and compact design, which, as we already said, you can carry around with the utmost ease. Naturally, like with almost any product, the quality for a reasonable price is the most important element you should look for. Well, look no further, we are going to provide you with the top ten portable Bluetooth projectors you can find on the US market in 2019. Buckle up and let us begin.

Nebula Capsule Smart Pico Projector

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Nebula Capsule is one remarkable Bluetooth projector. It is equipped with intellibright algorithms, which are utilized by an advanced technology called DLP. It is especially effective if you like projectors who can provide you with exceptional image quality. It is so good that can provide you with 100ANSI lumens images that can be big up to 100 inches. This is pretty impressive if you ask us. You can easily look at the images on the big screen without being scared about the quality. Plus, it features a very powerful speaker. You can be located in any part of the room as hear its sound perfectly without any compromise and interruptions.

So, if you want a portable, powerful Bluetooth speaker, you should look no further than this one. The sound quality is the product of the materials this device is made of. It’s made of aluminum. Plus, the design has a role in the quality of sound. Furthermore, you can count on the perfect quality of seeing other types of files like ppt, word documents, excel documents and so on. This is possible because of its wireless casting. Plus, this device can broadcast the content you search on YouTube or Netflix, without fear that the image will lack in quality at any point. This device can work up to four hours when it is properly and fully charged. With Nebula Capsule, you will get a Quick Charge Technology which offers you the possibility of fast charging.

PTVDISPLAY Smart Pocket Mini Projector

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Most definitely, PTVDISPLAY is one of the best Bluetooth projectors you can find on the US market. The main reason for this is that this projector adopts DLP 0.3 DMD technology that has advanced multi-color processing. This is the main difference between this projector and other types of projectors available, is that this projector can probably deliver an image of the highest quality you have ever seen on a projector. This is especially true if you compare it to ordinary projectors. Also, this projector has an exceptional design which offers compatibility with Wi-Fi compatible devices, and Bluetooth in particular. If all of this is not good enough, what will you say about the rest of the list of features we are about to write just down below.

So, the rest of the list… This projector supports HDMI inputs, and its HDMI can be used for TV box, laptop, game host, and a plethora of different devices. Because of these features, you can amplify the sound quality by using Bluetooth speakers. Especially if you want the full and pleasant entertainment experience without interruption. As it is the case with all projectors on our list, this one has a compatible and handy design, so you can carry it with you without feeling any struggle along the way. On top of all these features is the exceptional 4500mAh battery. Battery works up to three hours without charging. Also, it has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and it can support.

COCAR Mini Video Projector

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And our winner for this list is COCAR mini video projector. This is surely the best Bluetooth projector you can find on the US market in a certain price range. This device can work for iPad, Android, and iPhone even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection around you. The source of the power is a rechargeable 4200mAh battery which offers enough power for more than two and a half hours in continuity. Furthermore, this device can adopt DLP projector technology which can last for more than 30k hours when a LED bulb is put together with it. This Bluetooth projector can be used for playing different media from PlayStation, Xbox, laptop, PC, etc. Also, it is compatible with HDMI, TF, and USB.

Plus, you can use it for running presentations from different formats like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. You can be sure that you will get an interrupted image when it comes to the presentations. Also, with this device, you will get a remote control which provides for the keystone correction. Or better yet, in case you need a lightweight and durable unit, you can use this one. This device weighs only 285 in grams, and at the same time, it features a durable frame. Even if all of these features weren’t enough you have the option of using built-in apps like Google play app and FreeClick. By using them, you will have the option of installing applications like YouTube, Netflix, Kodi, BBC, Hulu, and many more.