The Best Adults-Only Vacation Spots

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The time has come to enjoy a good vacation only for adults – zero worries, and lots of fun, experience with other adults without taking care of the little ones.

Having fun with the little ones is a great experience, but going on a proper vacation full of fun and no worries is something you need from time to time. But before packing your bags, you have to decide where to go.

Without giving much thought to the matter, a safe place where you can get fun and relaxation is the beach but not just any beach, the most paradisiacal to have the luxury adults-only holiday at Voyage Prive that so much you yearn.

Isla Mujeres – Mexico

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This tropical paradise is located in the beautiful Caribbean Sea off the coast of Mexico, exactly 13 kilometers from the coast of Cancun. It has a lot of attractions that you can enjoy without regrets accompanied by a rich tequila.

Beautiful beaches with bright colors, beds on its shores to watch the sunset fall into the sea with a good drink, enjoy their nightly parties, and exquisite restaurants.

And that’s just talking at nightfall, but during the day this island is also beautiful, as it has golf carts to go around the whole island and enjoy their daytime activities as:

  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Pictures with a shark
  • Diving and snorkeling in its magnificent reefs
  • The sea turtle sanctuary
  • And even the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple

It sounds like a dream to enjoy among adults all day and night

Costa Blanca – Spain

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The beautiful Mediterranean Sea and one of the most attractive destinations in Europe with its beaches of more than 244 kilometers to discover, with beautiful landscapes and brilliant cities.

Its golden sand and its vast history open the way to an unforgettable vacation, not only the beach calls you, but also its vineyards and mountains full of activities like:

  • Wine tasting.
  • Mountaineering.
  • Motorcycle tours.
  • Museums.
  • Historical castles.
  • Exotic caves.

And not to mention its divine Mediterranean gastronomy that highlights its fish and seafood to lick your fingers. What are you waiting for?

Havana & Varadero – Cuba

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You can indulge in all the Caribbean flavor here and have an unforgettable vacation because if you go to Cuba, you have to know its center and its beaches.

The most historical place of the island is the old Havana, where you will witness its cultural identity: you can read the letters, see its museums, smoke a Cuban cigar, drink the best rum in the world, and dance in its streets.

Havana is full of Caribbean passion and enjoyable life with its vibrant music and antique cars, with which don’t forget to take a picture and remember to ride a horse all over the central square.

After enjoying its history, go and visit its beaches, where you can find a boat and jet ski park, its dolphins, its great hotels and discotheques.

Its crystalline waters and white sand give you the warmth of the Caribbean accompanying him with a delicious mojito. What more can you ask for? Get an excellent package to enjoy this Caribbean paradise.

Fuerteventura – Canary Islands

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It is an island paradise that becomes a special place whenever you want, no matter what time of year. So enjoy the eternal summer with refreshing breezes.

Fuerteventura has everything you need for your holidays: lots of tranquillity and beauty without leaving aside the tons of fun. Its tourist attractions are many, but among them, the following stand out for your fascination:

  •  Beaches with turquoise water and white sand to enjoy all-day
  • Creamy cheeses with the designation of origin.
  • It is considered a paradise for water sports.
  • Volcanic landscapes.
  • UNESCO declared the whole island a biosphere reserve in 2009.

Why don’t you go for this vacation?

Sicily – Italy

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It is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is full of Italian warmth. Its history is full of beautiful landscapes and monuments which you have to go and see:

  • The ruins of the 7 Greek temples.
  • The valley of the temples.
  • The palatine chapel.
  • And why not? The highest active volcano in Europe: Mount Etna.

A trip to the ancient history of Europe, don’t you find it interesting?

Cos Island – Greece

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Its shimmering crystal-clear waters and unparalleled landscapes welcome you to one of the most famous Greek islands. With its historical charm and famous drinks, it fills you with tranquillity and knowledge.

Here you not only fall in love with the landscape and its aroma, but you can also learn about Greek and Roman history first hand with:

  • The 15th-century Neratzia Castle.
  • The ruins of the historical Agora.
  • Ancient temples and sanctuaries.
  • And the Roman Villa house from the 3rd century.
  •  A picturesque place to enjoy your holidays and to arrive at the recharged of them.

The important thing is not only the destination you choose but that you feel it is a real holiday to enjoy without worrying.

Having said all that, all you need to do for adults-only vacation: to enjoy the moment, get familiar with all the possibilities, do everything you couldn’t do in your city, and of course enjoy some good drinks.