The Advantages Of Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is the inability to keep an erection firm enough during sexual intercourse. Having this can cause a problem for a man in different aspects. That’s why those who suffer from it are looking for ways to cure it or make the erection last.

A penis pump is advantageous to men who have erectile dysfunction in maintaining good penile health by enhancing erection quality and orgasm strength. The device can also aid in preventing the development of erectile dysfunction or ED.

Vacuum penile pump devices can be useful when other interventions such as medication or even surgery have not resolved the issue or cannot be used due to safety precautions. For more information, visit Mens Toys Hub.

How do Penis Pumps Work?

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Using this type of tool will act as a vacuum, increasing the girth through enlargement of the corpora cavernosa. That is the spongy tissue that is responsible for accumulating blood in the production of an erection.

The organ is also lengthened in the erection process when the suspensory ligament is stretched. This system is beneficial when it is regularly used because it can limit the chances for any abnormal fibrous tissue to develop, which is a cause for ED.

Why Using a Penis Pump is Important

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Exercising is critical as you age to keep proper functionality. There is a possibility that you may have medications with sexual side effects or a health condition that renders low sexual function. Using this device regularly has the potential to prevent or possibly reduce the risk of developing ED.

It is also an ideal way to enhance the size and quality of the erection regardless of your age. And if you have ED, this is a useful tool for helping to maintain an erection that will satisfy your needs.

There are fewer side effects with this tool as compared to other methods of treatment. The risk for adverse reactions or any complication is lower than that of medication or surgery. Slight bruising around the base of the device can occur when it is pressed to the body.

That will disappear as you become adjusted to its daily use. A pump is a non-invasive form of treatment with no lasting adverse effects, unlike other methods used. Ideally, treating ED with a combination of techniques such as this as well as injections/medication, and men’s pelvic physiotherapy will offer the optimal results.

A physiotherapist for men’s pelvic health is an expert who is trained to instruct men in exercising their pelvic floor as a way to improve erectile function, for incontinence prevention or to overcome incontinence, and as a means to alleviate pelvic pain.

Why Recommend Penis Pumps

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Often when a man has a prostate procedure where prostate shortening can result, a urologist or surgeon will recommend this system. There are some conditions and disabilities that may affect sexual function, including heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. In these instances, it may be suggested as maintenance or a restorative back to normal erectile function.

When the organ has a curvature or is bent as in Peyronie’s disease, this tool has the potential to assist with the girth and length but should be used with precaution as pumping too much can bring discomfort based on the severity of the disease. The use of a hydro vacuum pump such as those that use water would likely be more comfortable to the user than an air vacuum.

The Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

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Having the ability to gain an erection physically allows some men to overcome psychological issues they may develop due to their erectile dysfunction.

The sight of an erection after not having the ability to get one on your own can alleviate the emotional or mental trauma that continues to prevent erection.

With some men, the knowledge that the penis is functioning offers a positive impact on their mental well-being.

When to Use a Penis Pump

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The pump is safe for most men who are suffering from reduced blood flow to their penis. Some conditions that contribute to this include anxiety or depressive psychological diseases, prostate or colon cancer surgeries, or diabetic disorders. There are situations where this system is not recommended:

If you suffer from certain forms of leukemia or any blood disorder where you are susceptible to blood clots or bleeding as with sickle cell anemia.

If you are on any blood-thinning medication such as heparin or warfarin, and versions of over-the-counter pain meds such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen.

If you suffer from priapism which causes an erection for a long duration of time resulting in discomfort or pain.

Penis Pump Adverse Effects

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For a majority of men who have been recommended to use this device, there are few side effects, but it’s essential to be aware that there have been occasions where men have reported some adverse effects often due to misuse.

  • Bruising/pain – Bruising or pain can appear at the shaft base but will typically resolve after the first few days of regular use. That can happen if the pump has been positioned incorrectly. It will take patience and time to learn to use the device the right way, but it does become more comfortable with experience. Shaving around the pubic area will allow for a good seal at the base.
  • Petechiae – These are pinpoint dots that appear under the skin, which are the result of bleeding due to over-pumping.
  • The decrease in sensation – The constriction band has the potential to cause coldness, numbness, or a bluish color when in place. This band should only stay on no more than 30 minutes at most with any use. It has the possibility of decreasing the ejaculation force, but it won’t interfere with the intensity of the orgasm or the pleasure experienced. Semen release takes place once the band is taken off.

The use of this tool is not going to cure your erectile dysfunction, but it has the potential to make your penis sufficiently firm so that you can begin to enjoy pleasant sexual encounters once again.