Why Do Teens Care So Much About Clothes?


Whoever says it’s easy to be a teenager has probably forgotten how it used to be. When you’re a teenager – socializing, going out, looking good, and of course, fashion trends are the most important things. No matter what, the wardrobe must be top-notch. But why do teenagers care so much about clothes?

Teenagers: An Age Of Great Changes

Teenagers have problems that haunt them – and, even though it sometimes seems funny to adults, trust us, it’s not. Most of us have forgotten what it was like to deal with all kinds of changes. Voice changes, changes in appearance, emotional changes – all these characterize the period of adolescence in which our teenagers are sometimes overly sensitive. That is the time when our kids want to grow up as quickly as possible. It’s the time when they think they are mature (although we are not yet). That is the period in which they try to act like adults, copy their models of behavior, and search for their essence. Most teenagers try to position themselves among their peers – and that, among other things, considers a certain fashion and clothing style.

Teenage Fashion Obsession

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Teenagers are often overly self-absorbed and feel as if the whole world is theirs. Slowly, children become young people – and accordingly their attitudes and views on the world change. Soon they start following fashion trends, applying make-up, and beautifying themselves. Young girls in their teenage years start to dress, let’s say, a bit more provocative, copying the style and appearance of their favorite singer, actress, or model. It’s the same with guys, except they are easier to maintain because they don’t wear make-up. Fashion seamlessly enters the life of teenagers, and slowly but surely, they become obsessed with appearance and fashion trends. We have to admit that the media is increasingly starting to influence their perception – so it is not always easy for parents to fulfill every wish of their teenagers. Although many experts believe that the fashion world and the fashion industry are beginning to spoil the youth by imposing content that is inappropriate for their age – we must say that each time carries its own burden. It’s just probably the experts have somewhat forgotten how it used to be.

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Teen Fashion Is A Reflection Of Personal Style, Not Only In Clothes But Also In Life

As we mentioned, in the teenage period everything develops almost at lightning speed. External changes are obvious – and the need for positioning within their crew is just as fast. For teenagers, fashion is a way of expressing their attitude – and that should not be disputed. Such a way of self-expression is considered very important for the development of these young people – and it has an impact on their style, not only in clothes but also in life. Almost every teenager wants to feel a sense of belonging to a youth group. We can see this need in their style of clothing. Therefore, we can say that clothing and fashion are important factors in teen subcultures. So don’t be too strict when it comes to your teenagers and the fashion they follow. Moreover, help them find clothes that will express their style and attitude – but will still make them who they are – teenagers.

Get To Know The Fashion Trends Among Teenagers

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Every teenager tries to follow the fashion of a specific subculture to which he wants to belong. So, it is not surprising that today, our kids have different, sometimes even slightly strange fashion desires. However, before you limit them, get to know some of the most famous teenage fashion trends and try to understand them better.

● Street Fashion

In recent years, teenagers have been the main representatives of the so-called street fashion style. We can even say that teenagers have shaped a unique style by making incompatible clothes compatible. That implies the absence of strict boundaries and limitations when it comes to clothing, as you can combine things of different styles, colors, and shades. Moreover, this type of clothes would look inappropriate on anyone else – but somehow, it suits teenagers perfectly. Of course, girls and their clothes are not the only parameters for combining different pieces of clothing that can look great. Guys have also found their place in street fashion with bright colored tracksuits, unusual skater shorts or pocket-pants, etc. You can look at the pages of specialized street fashion stores, such as this website – and you will understand how universal this style of clothing is because it is unisex clothes that can be worn by everyone. Don’t get surprised if you wish for some of these extremely comfortable pieces that will make you feel free and relaxed. Still, keep in mind it may look silly when you wear it – but it suits teenagers perfectly.

● Teen Glamour

This is the most common style that is widespread among girls, but some guys also cultivate a glam style within the framework of men’s fashion. Certainly, the girls stand out by following all fashion magazines, the latest fashion creations, and famous world brands. On the other hand, guys like a more elegant wardrobe with simple lines but emphasized quality and the appropriate brand. This fashion style expresses the desire of your teenagers to highlight that they are just as capable of displaying sophisticated style and elegance as adults.

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● Sports Fashion

Many teenagers follow this fashion style, which has a lot to do with their daily activities. Most teenagers are sporty, so we should not be surprised that sneakers, tracksuits, and sports jerseys are standard pieces of clothing we can find in their wardrobes. Of course, the flaw of this fashion style is that it is not quite adapted to every occasion. However, even if a teenager has to obey a dress code somewhere – he will still be able to easily combine it with at least a few pieces of sports clothing such as a sweatshirt or sneakers.

● Rocker style clothing

It’s clear that here, music is something that connects your teenagers and the fashion they practice. Ripped jeans, leather jackets, fishnet stockings, leather gloves, and t-shirts inspired by the favorite band – will be your teenager’s favorite pieces of clothing. However, be careful here. There are some rules here because you don’t want them to cross the line. For example, you can allow a shirt inspired by their favorite band, but make sure it doesn’t have any inappropriate inscription. Also, girls should not go to school in skirts that are too short or fishnet stockings – because they can face detention if dressed like that.


The fact is that teenagers are obsessed with clothes because they want to attract attention. Clothes are their way of expressing their attitude – and they often send messages with the way they are dressed. Although they should be supported and encouraged on their way to the world of adults – we must also be careful. Namely, due to their youth and lack of experience, our teenagers may send the wrong message with their clothing – and we certainly want to avoid that.