The Technologies in Modern Online Casinos

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The many things that symbolise online casinos are rarely associated with tech. The playing cards, dice, roulette, and other gambling implements remotely represent advanced technology. That’s why many tend to think that casinos are bereft of technological inputs. In reality, though, online casinos feature a myriad of technologies.

Being online is not the only part of web-based casinos that involves technology. For internet gaming to be possible,  the following also play essential roles.

Game software

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Online casino games are not created out of simple code. They are the centrepiece of gambling sites, so they need to be reliable and free from tampering and manipulation. The popular providers of casino games have spent years building their reputation in casino gaming. They do not attract customers by simply offering high deposit bonuses, generous no-deposit bonuses like provides, or an extensive collection of games. More importantly, they have to provide high-quality fair games.

To make sure that gambling games are dependable and tamper-proof, developers employ a Random Number Generation (RNG) program. This is a pseudo randomisation algorithm designed to make sure that the games simulate the randomness of real-world casino gaming. What it does is to prevent the unnatural creation of patterns in the games.

In addition to an RNG, many games are also “provably fair.” This means that the fairness and manipulation-proofing of the games can be proven through seed generators and hashing. Provably fair casinos readily provide on their sites the tools players can use to test the fairness of the games.

Cloud technology

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Online casinos are essentially cloud-based casinos. They operate from the cloud. Their game software and the infrastructure used to facilitate transactions and player account management are all maintained on the cloud. Anyone who needs an excellent demonstration of extensive cloud technology use can point to an online casino as an example.

Some gambling sites require players to install client software on their desktop computers or mobile devices. However, this does not necessarily make the setup no longer cloud-reliant. Casinos that use Real Time Gaming’s software, for example, still have to connect to the cloud to run the games and manage accounts.


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Online casinos involve money — a lot of money. It only makes sense that the games and the software used for the casino interface are adequately secure. There are multiple security technologies used to this end.

One of them is SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This is a cryptographic protocol that ensures the security of sensitive data such as passwords and credit/debit card numbers. It encrypts data before being transmitted anywhere. Encryption is a must to make it impossible for hackers to take advantage of the data they manage to intercept or steal.

The encryption used can be 128-bit, 256-bit, or 512-bit. Most establishments turn to the highest form of encryption, which they often refer to as “military-grade.”

SSL has evolved into something more secure called TLS or Transport Layer Security. This is what most systems are already using at present, providing the option for ECC, DSA, or RSA encryption. It is what casino operators get when they obtain SSL certificates from DigiCert. However, most in the security industry continue to refer to TLS as SSL.

Online casinos that use SSL have HTTPS prepending the URLs of their websites. Instead of the standard HTTP, there is an extra S added. HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.


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Some casinos have started using blockchain technology for transactions. They accept blockchain-based decentralised digital currencies such as bitcoins, litecoin, and ether. These alternative currencies, as some players would argue, provide some degree of anonymity and control.

However, it bears pointing out that most laws or regulatory guidelines for online gambling make anonymous playing virtually impossible. This is because online casinos are typically required to follow KYC or Know Your Customer policies. Governments impose this requirement to help curb money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illegal activities committed with the help of cryptocurrency.

Live dealer technology

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Many online casinos seek to provide more realistic online gambling experiences. As such, they offer live dealer games, which are conducted by human dealers, who are responsible for facilitating the game and determining the results. This setup makes use of multiple technologies including video conferencing and optical character recognition.

Online casinos use special software to manage the interactions between the players and the live dealer. The setup is quite complicated, so online casino operators need to invest in staff and technology. Aside from the software and casino game equipment, it is also necessary to obtain good quality cameras. The casino operator also needs to hire cameramen to operate the cameras as well as croupiers, an IT manager, as well as a pit boss.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

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Some casinos do not settle with plain live dealer games. They may also infuse AR and VR elements to make the online gambling experience even more immersive. These technologies allow players to have 360-degree views of the virtual casino and also possibly see other players as if they are playing in the same room.

Artificial intelligence

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Lastly, online casinos also use artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to make gaming experiences much better by analysing player activities, so that the casino can recommend other games or options players are likely to find interesting or engaging. Artificial intelligence can also serve an important role in managing player alerts and promotions.

Some online casinos also use AI for the detection of fraud. The technology can help identify instances of anomalous activities and stop them automatically.

Moreover, several gambling sites harness the power of artificial intelligence to address the problem of gambling addiction. AI can monitor and analyse player activities to determine if a player is already going through the early stages of pathological gambling habits. The system may automatically block players to help before they fall deeper into addiction.

In conclusion

Modern online casinos have improved significantly over the years. Through more advanced technologies, they have become more engaging and secure. The games don’t only look and perform better. The online playing experience can now approximate the experience of being in an actual casino. Even better, many casinos are using complex technologies like artificial intelligence to help address the risks of gambling addiction.