5 Fashionable Ways to Style An Ear Cuff in 2024

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People have known about ear cuffs for centuries now as unique and classy pieces of jewelry that beauties from India used to wear first, along with the women from the antique era. Earrings like this could really be called an artistic masterpiece, due to their stylish and sensual appearance in whichever way they’re being worn. They come in different shapes, made from various materials, and maybe the main difference between them and their usual, regular relatives in the jewelry family – they don’t require ear piercing. Despite the fact that those can look massive for such a delicate and weightless part of your body like your ear, their weight’s usually not that big though there are some opposite examples.

Some time ago, making them a part of the outfit was considered provocative and avant-garde, and only the brave and extravagant ones used to wear them regularly. Yet, like it usually occurs, Hollywood changes many things and the way people perceive ‘normal and usual’ things. So, thanks to some famous people, ear cuffs started introducing themselves slowly to the daily routine in many ladies’ outfits, regardless of the differences amongst them.

They come in various forms, such as ones enriched with rocks and flowers, feathers, chains, those that at the same time decorate both your ear and your hair (usually worn at weddings), ear cuffs in the form of animals such as birds, snakes, cats, frogs or butterflies, and also some being worn by rock and metal fans, like skulls, crosses and jags or daggers.

When choosing ones that one might like the most, one of the important things to consider is, of course, a material it’s being made of. Silver and golden ones are always a secure choice, as it’s widely known how some less precious materials can cause allergic reactions. If you can afford it, and it matches your style, why not try pearl or diamond enriched ones that go perfectly with the luxurious gown?

Or, why not support and underline the beauty of handmade jewelry from eandejewellery.com and other hard-working manufacturing companies? Countless people would pay more for having a crafted piece, specially made for them, making them feel one-of-a-kind. What matters, even more, is choosing the ear cuffs that’ll tell a story about your personality. Whether you have only handmade unique ones or other widely popular ear cuffs, there are some fantastic ways to pump up your style and emphasize it when wearing them. Let’s dig into it a bit.

  1. Boho style

Img source: pinterest.com

We strongly believe this one will be everlasting with some circular movements in popularity over the centuries. It simply looks great – always. To top this, there are tons of hippie-style ear cuffs that can look like you stepped out from the seventies with more dazzling marks than you ever thought it could involve. How about long feathers in colorful design? Combined with some patterned dress, or artistically-sewed one…and what about some shorts, messy hair, the tank top and lots of flowers on it? Sounds great to us

  1. Urban street style

Img source: rebelsmarket.co.nz

This one is usually connected with punk, goth, hip-hop, and rock or a combination of these styles. We link it with youth, freedom, experimenting, and unrestrained behavior. The good side of it – you can hardly make a mistake whichever combo you choose. Whether you wear some snakes, small daggers, oversized circles, or triangles, it’s great to see you show them off with some cool sneakers, short jeans, or tank top and baggy pants. It’s the best time of your lives – just explore it. Mistakes are negligible – and some say they don’t even exist.

  1. Fashionable style

Img source: astleyclarke.com

The full, massive ear ornament with shining little precious rocks in various colors is quite a fashionable piece. You can experiment with an extravagant outfit, steep high heels, daring makeup, and edgy attitude. You can perhaps combine it with some unexpectedly long and classy gown or as its opposite – with the teenage looks including a long hoodie and unusual eyeliner and hair color appearance. Whatever you choose here, you’ll be noticed – that’s for sure.

  1. Girly style

Img source: shopthenation.com

When you think about a ‘girly’ look, it’s usually something sensual and discrete you have in mind. Well, it can be cool at the same time, right? How about a combination of subtle small-shaped piece with some cute little precious zircons that can be matched with curved rings and a romantic dress. Instead of a dress, it can perfectly match a small leather jacket (forget rock’n’roll, just a small reminder of it is enough here), a nice thin and fluttering dress, and a pair of cute sneakers or ballet shoes. Very chic!

  1. Seductive style

Img source: astleyclarke.com

Seduction is mentally linked with mystery. The fringed design of some long ear cuffs that draw attention as an imitation of a small harp, combined with a little or long black dress (what about dark red one?) will bring a dose of glamour and sophistication in your appearance. Just a delicate makeup on your face, and a little bit of going wild with your lipstick here.

Whatever effect you want to achieve, there are the things to consider when you match the ear cuffs with some less fashion-related details, and more with some of your body-related details.

  • Ladies with square face shape should consider the middle-sized ear cuffs, while ones with oval face shape can choose between ones that visually make the ear appear extended. If you’re wondering whether to choose those to put on both ears or maybe just on one, have this in mind – if those are little sized, you can go with the ones on both ears, they’ll still look great.
  • And, what about the hairstyle? Wow, this can be a tough one. While we can change our outfits as quickly as we want, the hairstyle and length depend on some nature-related factors apart from our mood, wish, and frequency of visiting hairdressers. Let’s match them too with some lovely ear cuffs. If you have long hair, it’s a shame to cover the cuffs with it, cause we want to show them, right? This being said, the ponytail is going to solve this problem perfectly. You can also try with the braids, shell-shaped hair, or similar options that’ll uncover your ears and this precious decoration on them. If you have shorter hair, it’s easier to make them shine without the fear of being covered, and you can just be aware of the position you choose for them depending on whether you wear glasses, use headphones, or maybe like to wear your shawl higher.

The hard thing about ear cuffs is at first to learn how to put them on. If you do it wrong it can be quite uncomfortable to wear them. Once you do, their simplicity, variety of shapes, designs, and the natural look they give you will amaze you and make you always crave for more.