Best Strip Clubs in Canada in 2023

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There are numerous strip clubs in Canada and each one of them tries to attract more customers by offering something unique and providing the best service possible, from the ambient, choice of girls and privacy. We would now try to find out what the best strip clubs in Canada are.

1. Wanda’s

First of all, this strip club is located in Montreal, Quebec, and is one of the most popular and most visited there. As far as the prices are concerned, it should be noted that the tip that is given to the doorman goes from $3 to $5 while the drinks are $7.50. It should be also noted that the club is located on three levels and that it tries to bring everything that potential customers would want. When the first two floors are concerned, it should be mentioned that there are cages and girls there, but that they are located in various spots of the levels which can practically mean that if you go there you would end up with a part that can be only for you. The third floor is called French Kiss Lounge and this level is dedicated to all those who need intimacy. However, it needs to be mentioned that here you need to buy drinks for the girls, and the drink is about $20 and this is not all. You should talk to the girls and make them feel comfortable.

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2. Brandi’s

This strip club is located in Vancouver in BC. As far as the prices are concerned, the charge for Friday is $9 while drinks are $8.50. It should be also noted that the fame and popularity of this place rose when it was discovered that Ben Affleck and Christian Slater used to visit this place and to party here. First of all, it should be also noted that the prices in the strip clubs are pretty high and that there is also a dress code. The purpose of the dress code is the desire of the club to have only elite customers. The club is located in the downtown of Vancouver and on the top of a steakhouse.

3. Whiskey A GoGo

This one is located in Concord, Ontario and the charge for Friday cover is $5 while drinks are $6.25. It should be also noted that it is located in the suburbs of Concord. The girls here are beautiful and the club also offers the World Cup of Ass. Some of the A-list names from the porno industry have started their way here or have visited this Cup.

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4. Teaser’s Burlesque Cabaret

The club is located in Winnipeg in Manitoba and it is the place where you can see Crystal Storm, a woman who has the biggest boobs in the world. The charge of Friday cover is $5 while the drinks are not so expensive, i.e. 4.50. This place is famous for the organization of various and most popular stag parties in Canada for very reasonable prices.