5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Vape Juice in 2024

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There is a great rise in the popularity of electronic cigarettes and vapes in recent years, especially among people who want to quit smoking and younger generations. There are many advantages of vaping when we compare it to smoking cigarettes. Some of the most important benefits are the cheaper price, the much lower chance of developing health issues, it represents a great method to stop smoking, it is not dangerous for the environment, there is a great selection of aromas, and much more.

Moreover, we have to mention the fact that vaping is allowed in many places where you cannot smoke cigarettes. Also, the great thing is that there is a huge competition on the market, and companies are constantly improving their products to attract more customers. If you are interested in learning more about e-cigarettes and liquids, visit cloudstix.com. Moreover, you should know that it is very important to keep the vape juice properly to use it for a longer time. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways to store it and preserve its taste.

1. Keep It Away from Light

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The first thing that you should know about liquids is that the light can affect it lose its taste much faster. The effects might remain the same and you can enjoy in your e-cigarette or vape, but if you prefer some strong aroma like vanilla or coffee, it will probably disappear after being left in the sunlight for too long. Also, nicotine is the first that will be affected by the light. In that matter, you should always keep it in some dark and cold place. There is a great selection of products that you can find in tobacco stores or online shops that will help you preserve the quality of your vaping juice.

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2. Choose Glass Over Plastic

Since plastic is so common today, most people will choose to use some bottle or box where they can keep the vaping products. Also, most companies are selling these in plastic since it is a cheaper and more convenient solution. However, you have to know that the substances in liquids can interact with the plastic, which can affect the quality and taste. Plastic is a great option when you are buying a smaller amount of e-juice, but those people who prefer having storage with different aromas should transfer it to the glass to keep it fresh for a longer period.

3. Avoid Keeping it in the Cabinet

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Since it is recommended to store it in a cold place, a lot of people choose to place the bottles with vaping liquid in the fridge or a cabinet. However, there is no need to keep it too cold. Therefore, the fridge is an excellent option. On the other hand, be sure that the bottles are properly closed and that the aromas want to mix with other products in the fridge. Moreover, determine a place where the whole family will know that you are keeping your e-liquid, especially kids since it can cause poisoning if someone accidentally drinks it. The main issue with heat is that it can affect the ingredients in the e-liquid to lose their features. That is especially the case with nicotine. Your vaping juice will become much weaker even if you are keeping it in a dark place if the temperature is too high.

4. Keep it Away from Kids

As we already mentioned, you should tell your children in the case that you are storing the liquids in the fridge so they won’t mix them up with food or beverages. In case that your kids are too small to understand the dangers of this product, you should choose some bottle that they won’t manage to open. If you don’t have a child-proof package, it is a much better option to choose some other place to store it rather than a fridge.

5. Always check the Expiration Date

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While cigarettes can last for a long time without losing any features when kept properly, most vaping juices have a short expiration date. In that matter, even if you find the perfect spot, it will eventually lose its characteristics upon the expiration date. The main issue is that people often choose to change the bottle and transfer the liquid into the glass and throw away the package with a label where you can read the day of expiration. If you choose a high-quality product and manage to keep it properly all the time, it can last for more than two years.

The Bottom Line

The best way to determine the perfect spot is related to the amount of liquid and for how long you want to store it. In case that you only need a short-term solution, you should focus on keeping it out of reach of pets and children. Also, you should still choose those places with proper temperature and away of light. Also, the main issue with plastic is increased oxidation. Therefore, if you don’t have glass bottles, be sure to press the container each time before closing it to remove the air.

On the other side, those people who prefer buying a large number of various tastes should pay attention to follow all of these tips. That can help them to enjoy more with vaping and experiment with different aromas more often, while all of them can have a great quality all the time. Besides the liquids, you should also learn about vaping devices and choose the best option.

There is a great expansion of online stores where you can find all sorts of e-cigarettes and vapes, but not all of them have a proper quality, especially those cheap products. This is especially important for people without any previous experience. There is a huge trend related to vaping in recent years, which is a great thing since it is a very efficient way to stop smoking. On the other side, excessive vaping can also cause some side-effects, but the risks are much lower when compared to other tobacco products.