5 Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms At Home – 2024 Guide

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The latest statistics suggest that more than five million people, in the United States alone purchased their first gun in 2024. More than one billion small firearms are distributed to civilians every year and some of us own more than just one gun. Those who are pro-guns know that these devices keep us safer, and they help us sleep better at night. Not everyone can purchase a firearm, and if you want to use it, you need to know all the safety basics, and you also know how to store your rifles and guns.

If you love hunting, or if you choose to purchase your rifles just for protection, then you already know that if you don’t store and maintain them correctly, chances are, the devices will get damaged by time, and you risk both your safety and the lives of everyone around you.

In this 2024 guide, we are going to talk about pistols, shotguns, and all the other types of firearm, and we will help you learn some tricks on how you can safely store them in your home. We will give you some tips on how to protect your children from accidentally stumbling upon them and playing with them, and we will help you learn the ways of how you can increase the lifetime of these units just by regularly maintaining them. Continue reading if you want to learn something new that will help you lead a better and safer life.

  1. Always put the ammunition away from the gun

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This is the number one rule for storing your firearms. When choosing ammunition for home defense, understanding the properties and performance of various 9mm self-defense loads can contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of your firearm. By storing them separately you will know that no matter who finds the pistol, or who accidentally stumbles upon them, they won’t get hurt.

Some people say that it is nice to have a loaded gun in your home, just in case someone tries to break in, but if you decide to do that, you need to store it in a safe, or somewhere where no one will be able to find it and use it on accident.

  1. Lock the trigger

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This is another thing that you should always remember. On every firearm, there is a lock for the trigger, and it is extremely useful, especially if you have small children in your home. We know that the little ones want to open every drawer, and they want to check everything we have, so in case one of your kids finds your weapons, you need to have the trigger locked.

Depending on the manufacturer and the seller, most of the weapons you can purchase are sold with the lock inside the original box. However, if you have an older weapon, or if you are not sure if the trigger lock is working, you can easily purchase a new one depending on the firearm you have.

  1. Choose the right place

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The next thing we are going to talk about is the right place to store your weapons. The number one rule is that you should never store them in some random drawer, or the back of the closet. Many people believe that storing your weapons under the bed is a smart choice, but the reality is, if someone breaks into your home, these are the first places they will look into.

Because of that, you need to purchase special strong boxes or cases that will prevent someone from stealing them, or your children accidentally finding and using them. If you want to store them close to you, itishooting.com suggests that you should invest in a nightstand gun safe. These units will help you keep your pistols and rifles close to you at all times, you will be able to open it with ease, and everyone else won’t be able to access your weapons.

  1. Hiding spots

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It is said that you should always be prepared for the worse, and you should store some of your weapons somewhere you will be able to access with ease in case something happens. Know that you should hide your guns in a cavity of your home, something only you know about, and somewhere burglars won’t think of looking into.

This could be a loose tile in your bathroom or kitchen, a loose part of the wooden floor, or just in a cavity in your walls that cannot be seen unless you look for it. Some people choose to put the guns behind a picture or a photograph, but there are a few issues with that. Users suggest that the best hiding places are in between a lot of dirty clothes or a place that is in plain sight, but not easily noticeable.

By hiding your firearms somewhere, you can easily access them, you will know that you will always be able to keep your family safe, and you won’t have to bother running from one room to another just to get your gun.

  1. Always use cases

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The last thing we are going to talk about is the cases. Nowadays there are different types and sizes depending on the model and the type of firearm you have. You can easily purchase them in any store that sells weapons and equipment, and depending on the type and material used, they should not cost you more than 100 or 200 dollars.

Most of the cases can be locked, so you won’t have to worry about someone in your home accidentally unlocking them. Use a padlock or something similar that will help you feel at ease when you are not at home. In case you don’t have a trigger lock, then this is something definitely worth investing in, explains Natchez Shooting Supplies.

These are some of the ways you can safely store your weapons at home. They should always be locked, and if possible, the ammunition should be separately stored. Nowadays, there are a lot of things, safes, and casings that will help you keep them locked if they are loaded, and by choosing the right hiding places, you will know that if anything happens, you will be able to protect yourself and your family.